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Prosecution Seeks Prison Sentence & Hefty Fines For Shonen Jump Leakers




The two Shonen Jump leakers face potential prison sentences following their recent trial for leaking chapters of Shonen Jump manga ahead of their official release date. The verdict is expected on July 25, 2024.

Prosecutors are seeking a sentence of 1.5 years in prison for the company manager Musa Samir and 1 year for his assistant. The prosecution also requested hefty fines (reportedly 500,000 yen yen & 300,000 yen) for both individuals and their company.

The defence argued for a suspended sentence, claiming the men were misled into leaking the chapters by a foreign individual, DBS Hype, who promised to promote their company in exchange for the leaks.

However, the defence claimed this promise was never fulfilled, and the men apparently did not receive any financial gain.

Moreover, it was also revealed that leaks of Kagurabachi, Sakamoto Days and Eden Zero are now part of the investigation.

The manager and the employee, both French nationals, were arrested on Feb 4, 2024.

The Kumamoto Police revealed that Samir’s company is involved in dealing with Jump and related goods and that they obtained the copy of Jump before its release to sell at their own company.

In some cases, the images they scanned were modified to make them appear as if they were not scanned from a paper magazine, but the publishers have confirmed that no electronic data was leaked from the publishers.

According to the cops, the images they leaked were translated to multiple foreign languages including English and reposted on various sites.

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