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Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 9 Discussion (Episode29)

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We dive into the episode by seeing Kazuya talking to his grandma, she is asking him what he would like to eat for his birthday party. In the midst of this conversation, she asked him when is Chizuru’s birthday, she was saying how she wanted to do something for her to celebrate her turning 20 and becoming an adult.  He mentions that her birthday has already passed, and she BLOWS up on him. Then they show her at the family altar in their house praying because she has missed two of Chizuru’s birthdays in a row. (The grandma is very annoying in this episode) then she says that’s it we are having a combined birthday party. Obviously, this will be a problem because Kazuya and Chizuru are not actually dating. The grandma basically says talk to Chizuru and make sure she shows up no matter what then hangs up on him. 



After the intro the show opens up to Chizuru in her apartment doing a very wild split stretch on her floor reading a book. she hears something hit her balcony door window, as she opens the door Kazuya is there peeking around the divider, basically trembling in fear because he will now have to try and get her to go to this party. He dives right in and asks her if she is free for around 5 for the next night. She basically already knows that this is pertaining to his grandmother. He tells her that it’s his birthday tomorrow and says how she wants to throw them a combo birthday party. Chizuru says that she did find it weird that his grandma didn’t call her on her birthday. (Does this mean Chizuru is keeping in touch with Kazuya’s grandma on a regular basis?) Regardless, she tells him that she is going to the hospital tomorrow to see her grandma. He sort of accepts defeat right here super easy and says ok sorry for asking, but she says i wasn’t finished talking.   She goes on to tell him that she can’t do 5 but can be there after 6. He’s like OH REALLY, then she says she isn’t doing this for him (obviously saying that she is doing this for his grandma) But says I am supposed to be your girlfriend until I quit this job.  Before she goes inside, she wishes him a happy birthday. 


Then his phone rings… Its Ruka. She was calling to wish him a happy birthday since it was past midnight at this point. She even had party poppers because when they show her in her bed there were party streamers all over the place. She says I can’t see you today, but I get you all to myself on Sunday, right? For whatever reason Kazuya had told her that he would not be able to see her on the day of his birthday I guess because he didn’t want her around his family.  She says this is all ok so long as Chizuru isn’t going to be there. His response to this was a dead giveaway that she will be there and Ruka notices this.  Before he can even explain himself, she hangs up on him. 

As he is leaving his house to head over to his parents for his birthday party, guess who walks up. Ruka… He is in a panic while walking to his parent’s place because he knows this will cause all sorts of trouble for him.  He says i thought we agreed to meet up on Sunday. Ruka says well I am your girlfriend and I decided I had to attend your family’s birthday party after all. He realizes that she is only there because she caught on that Chizuru was also going. He winds up explaining why Chizuru is going to be going and says sorry.  Ruka just looks at him and says is that so? And walks off. 


As they get to his parents Ruka has her arm wrapped around his and he says we can’t be locking arms here, Remember His Grandma and possibly his parents think that he is dating Chizuru. They get inside and the grandma is like good to have you Ruka, My angel Chizuru will probably be more comfortable with a friend around.  In her head Ruka is like I want to be called an angel too. The camera is showing all the birthday banners and what not and on one of them it said happy birthday Kazuya, but his name was scratched out and had Chizuru instead, probably the grandmas doing. Kazuya sees and is like so much for celebrating my birthday. 

Ruka then hands the grandma and his mom something I think maybe some food and Shes like it’s not much but please have these after all its a special day.  This starts off her little plan to get his family to fall in love with her. Because the mom and the grandma are both like oh wow that’s so sweet of you. Kazuya pulls Ruka aside and is like are we good? Is our relationship good? (Obviously panicked) He says look my family still thinks i am dating Chizuru, you won’t rat us out, will you? Rukas reaction to this i did not like because it was leaning more towards a yes. He is like Rethink this please!


Then right here Ruka has a major point she says you two aren’t being fair.  You Say your relationship is purely business, but you were trying to spend your family birthday party with her without telling me! He’s like I wasn’t trying to hide it.  But the only reason he mentioned it was because he got caught. Ruka basically says without Chizuru here is my chance to get your family to love me! 

We see Chizuru at the hospital with her grandma. Her grandma is just lying there very ill. Chizuru realizes it is almost 6, which is when she told Kazuya she would be able to go. 

Back at the birthday party things are in full swing; they are giving Kazuya gifts and Ruka is doing her best at getting the family to like her. And it is working. Kazuya even notices how fast they all warmed up to her. He says it took less than an hour.  By this point it’s 6:30 he wonders where Chizuru is, His grandma even asks and basically forces him to go call her. Ruka catches this and she is like Oh he knows her number. He puts the phone to his ear but i don’t think he was actually calling. Ruka knows this, she says There is no way he would have a rental girlfriend’s number, Chizuru isn’t here and there is no way for him to contact her. This is a golden opportunity. Kazuya goes outside and sits on a bench I assume to make it look like he was calling her or trying to get better reception. He realizes that Ruka will wind up winning over his family in no time. He contemplates adding her as a friend because that is the only way he will be able to call her. He closes his phone and says game over. Apparently adding Chizuru as a friend is too much for him to handle. He goes back inside and says she didn’t answer. 


The grandma goes on to say how she had no idea Ruka was such a kind and responsible young lady. And Ruka Takes advantage of this saying how she feels at home when she is around her and says how her grandma passed away some time ago, but Kazuya’s grandma’s scent reminds her of hers. The sad grandma story wins the family over even more. Kazuya questions if it is even true, (so do I, but would Ruka go that far just to win the daily over) His grandma is like you are always welcome here think of me as your Tokyo grandma. Ruka says what if you were to become my real grandma?” Kazuya knows exactly what she is getting at and puts his hand over her mouth which yields him a smack from his grandma with a spoon because it is rude to do that to a lady.  Then Ruka continues and almost blurts out that she is the one who loves Kazuya, right as this is unfolding, he gets a message from Chizuru saying you there? And he quickly hits the add friend button and before Ruka can finish saying what she was going to his phone rings. He answers and says yeah, I’ll put her on then hands the phone to his grandma. Chizuru explains that her grandma is sick and that’s why she is late.   Instantly Kazuya’s grandma forgets about Ruka and is like Chizuru. Your voice is so lovely I was lost in it. I completely understand we can always celebrate your birthday another time. Then hands the phone back to Kazuya, He goes outside to finish the conversation. As he is walking out the grandma yells tell my angel I said bye, this clearly aggravates Ruka as she had a stank face on and was groaning in anger. 


Outside he asks Chizuru if it was ok that she called him from her phone and she says yes and how everyone from that group has added each other so if they didn’t, they would stick out like a sore thumb.   BUT then she asks him how he is dealing, and he tells her that Ruka is there, she goes that’s bad news! He goes yeah, I’ll figure something out. She does mention that her grandma isn’t doing too well which I think explains something at the end of the episode. He winds up telling her that she didn’t have to go so she could stay and be with her grandma in the middle of this interaction. Ruka takes his phone and goes off saying yes really! Don’t bother showing up, also remember you are a rental girlfriend why are you exchanging contact info with another girl’s boyfriend. His family loves ME now, so you are not needed anymore, I’m going to make Kazuya mine for real tonight then hangs up. Chizuru puts her hand on her head and says that didn’t sound ok at all! Then says there is no guarantee that she won’t blab about the rental girlfriend thing. 


She goes back to sitting with her grandma and says Grandma, I’m actually supposed to visit Kazuya’s family tonight her grandma rolls over and then jumps up in bed and says WHY DIDN” T YOU SAY THIS EARLIER! Shes like I’m fine you go be with Kazuya! As Chizuru is leaving the hospital, she is noticing how just saying Kazuya’s name was enough to lift her grandma’s spirits. Then questions why she even talked to her grandma about it and says that he even told her that she didn’t have to go. We even see a flashback to season 1 right here to when Kazuya told Chizuru that she was the one and how it had to be her.  She is thinking about this while walking out. She then says I must be stupid too.  Note how she always calls Kazuya stupid when he does something that is mushy. 


Back at the party Ruka is teaching Kazuya’s grandma how to add her as a friend on the socials. Then she tries to go back to what she was saying earlier about how she is the only one who loves Kazuya When BOOM doorbells rings and Chizuru enters. His grandma basically jumps on her! All but forgetting about Ruka. Chizuru looks at Ruka and goes hey.  I think at this point it’s a littler personal for Chizuru. Ruka even wonders why Chizuru showed up after being told by both Kazuya and her to not show up.  She wonders if Chizuru likes Kazuya Afterall. 



They Offer Chizuru a seat at the table but she asks if she can pay respects to the family altar first and this Blows the grandma and his parents away. It shows each of them with their face being lit up by a light lol! Ruka did not ask to do so. This was a major blow to her. The family is gushing over Chizuru while she is praying and Ruka is in the background stressing because all the hard work she just put in is quickly becoming irrelevant. They show Chizuru having some Sake with the grandma and saying how smooth it is. The grandma says Oh, you have wonderful taste, Cut to Ruka looking at her juice that she is drinking all mad. Kazuya’s mom asks where she lives and learns that they live in the same neighborhood. (Unaware that they live in the same complex) his grandma is like ever consider living together? But Chizuru comes in clutch and takes the burden by lying a bit and saying how she can’t live with Kazuya because she would wind up relying too much on him.  Somehow the grandma turns this around on him because Chizuru can do no wrong. Also note that Ruka has gone to the restroom at this point) 

Kazuya gets up to go use the restroom and runs into Ruka, she grabs his tie and just plants a kiss on him. 


Credit roll


Looks like the next episode will be a continuation of this one, we do see Chizuru walk out from the bathroom area with her phone in hand looking shocked or sad. I’m thinking her grandma died Orr Ruka went into the bathroom to report her for giving Kazuya her contact info. Which is against her works TOS.  The next episode is called Ring and Girlfriend. 

Asylum Rated this episode a 7

Thomacus rated this episode an 8


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1 year ago

Every time I come back to this dumpster fire my heart breaks for Ruka.

1 year ago

yes Ruka is in the wrong for inviting herself and immaturely taking the phone BUT, she is the ONLY ONE who is actually being Sincere with their feelings. true feelings are worth fighting for!
It’s beyond irritating to see Kazuya continue to stay a cowardly immature child with hardly any good qualitys at all never growing as a person.
It really is sad to see someone as pure as loving and caring as ruka to like such a complete trash, waste of space, and irresponsible manchild as kazyua! But of course if he ever actually grew a pair and was honest and be a man for once in his life the show would be over.
But i ask you did they really need to make his character to such a unlikable and beyond stupid piece of trash why was that nessasery?
its clear OBVIOUSLY chizuru will somehow decide to actually peruse him at some point but till then we are forced to swallow this piss filled triangle crap

Reply to  splinket
1 year ago

Ruka is Lowkey narcissistic af?mizuhara may be the best choice cause she the only one that actually thinks about kazuya. Ruka just care about getting her heart rate up

1 year ago

Ruka is an S-tier lady, wasting time on an F (fail)-class guy.