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Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 8 (All that for nothing..)

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Before the intro all we got on this one was Mini at the store buying some snacks.


After the intro we see Mini at Kazuyas door with the snacks she was just buying. She was there to celebrate Kazuyas loosing of his virginity. Now keep in mind this entire scene right here all takes place on his front balcony that is right next to Chizurus door! As she is basically screaming at the top of her lungs how he picked one hell of a girl for his first time to happen with he stops her and explains how nothing happened between them.  Mini explodes. Kazuya has to run and put his hand over her mouth because he realizes how loud she is being and its legit right by Chizurus door. Mini is flabbergasted she says you stayed one on one alone in a nice ass hotel with nice ass food and nothing happened. Most people who do that wind up only staying friends with the other person.

Kazuya tears into Mini a little bit right here saying screw you, do you know how much trouble you got me into with Ruka, and right here we learn that Ruka had wound up giving Mini two lumps on her head over this entire ordeal so in her eyes they are even. It boils down to Mini saying but no matter what you at least made some sort of progress right, and we see Kazuya blush.  Because he knows he did.

Then Chizuru comes out and says hey all this whispering y’all are doing right by my door is making me uncomfortable.  Please screw off, and she even throws a shot at Mini saying oh I see your flu has cleared up. Mini says oh yeah and then quickly brings up the movie to divert the conversation.

So, Chizuru walks out her apartment to hop into the conversation and as they are talking about it we hear Ruka make a little sound from down below. AND SHE IS PISSED. All 3 on the balcony freak out.. Ruka goes up the stairs and immediately blast the two girls she says Chizuru you’re just a rental girlfriend so whatever on that, and Mini you are just a neighbor so also whatever on that, I’m not worried about whatever it is that is going on here because at the end of the day I am Kazuyas girlfriend. And she makes sure to call him Just Kazuya so that Mini and Chizuru hear that.

She gets closer and Chizuru and Mini are frozen still, she goes to push Kazuya inside saying common its hot outside lets go take a shower together and we hear Kazuya say NO no shower! (Kind of a boss ass move from Ruka)

Sort of out of no where right here Chizuuru says what she calls him is their business they are dating after all, but that is strange to me because no one prompted her to even mention that so it obviously bothers her. And we see that is did bother her because once she goes back inside to do her laundry she says Kazuya real softly then her face turns super red.

All the while to close out this big scene we see Ruka on Kazuyas balcony screaming his name at the top of her lungs to ensure they will both hear from their balcony’s.

For the next big portion of this episode its Kazuya, Chizuru and her grandma and they are all at the cinema where the movie will be screening. Basically it was suppose to be just Kazuya and Chizuru there but the grandma INSISTED on going. So once inside the grandma has a couple moments, one of excitement because she realized 200 people will be in there watching Chizuru on that big screen, she even cried a little bit out of happy excitement.

now at this moment the movie is not done according to Kazuya this will come back into the episode later.

Chizuru goes to the bathroom and we see her lean against the wall once she cuts the corner and is alone and makes a little happy face because she is excited that this is all happening and her grandma is happy about it.  But here back in the cinema Kazuya and the grandma have a little moment. She thanks him for doing this for Chizuru and also a little bit for her seeing as if not for him  she would ever get to see Chizuru on the big screen. And here he self loathes for a little bit (because he is starting to feel guilty about lying to the grandma in terms of him and Chizuru dating)  saying some shit like oh Chizuru will always be out of my league, I don’t know why she hangs around with a guy like me or even why she is dating me..  You know just doing what he does then shortly after he says some shit like how he has made peace with that fact, and then boast about how Chizuru is a prodigy and this and that, the grandma says Kazuya you too are perfect together stop that.

Then it was Kazuyas turn to go to the bathroom and here Chizuru and her grandma have a little moment. Their whole moment is based around Chizurus Grandpa and its basically her grandma asking her a question that the grandpa told Sayuri to ask Chizuru if her were to ever go before he got to and that question was is chasing your dreams making you suffer. She says no and how this is what she really wants in life. Then walks off to go help Kazuya get some coffees for them.

Here is where it all goes down, and Chizuru and Kazuya are finally seeming like they are having a little moment all happy and what not they cut the corner coming back with the coffees to see sayori has fell out of her wheelchair and is on the ground unresponsive.

The back end of this episode closes out in the hospital, apparently the grandma had pushed herself way too hard during the day with them and according to what the doctor told Chizuru she might mot bounce back from this one. There is a moment where Chizuru is remorseful that they made an entire movie and the grandma wont even get to see it, which I thought was a little selfish on their part, like your grandma is dying…  Worry about that fuck the movie. She apologizes to Kazuya for that and in his head he has a freakout saying dude that’s your only family left and you love her with all your heart, so I know you have got to be hurt and devastated right now. Meanwhile she is still talking about thee movie saying how she learned a lot about crowdfunding and the movie making process and how it will be good for her portfolio.   Like was she saying all this to basically tell Kazuya thanks and make him fuck off or something? Like it was the end of the road for them too? Kazuya in his head says if I was her real boyfriend I could comfort her with a hug..  Like bro just hug her!

They have a little moment right here a little fight of sorts. Because Kazuya ask if the grandma is Conscious, he suggest that if she could at least hear them they should come clean about not actually dating. Chizuru freaks out saying  do you want to cause her pain in her dying moments! He says what about you?  You ok with lying to your grandma on her death bead? Will you be able to get over that?

I can see both sides to this argument because on one side come clean and go out with no regrets or lies sure but on the other side is that the right thing to really do stress the dying person out over a lie that yall have been telling her for so long now? And like obviously the grandma likes Kazuya and is happy for the two of them.

Chizuru even says if we come clean she might die resenting you and Kazuya says I am fine with that so long as you can clear yourself out of this mess. I want to put your feeling first. She turns and says it’s the least smart thing to do here and goes back into the room. Also saying nothing pisses me off more than the sad reality (exact words)

The show closes out with Kazuya sitting alone in the hospital, thinking about what had just went down and he says even Chizuru knows that coming clean about this is something that the grandma would not hold against them so that right there shows that Chizuru is feeling guilty about all of it. He really is trying to put Chizuru first here like he really always does he says there is nothing anyone can do here nothing he can do for Chizuru anymore then looks down and sees her acting notes book in his bag, and his phone goes off and he sees a text on his phone and it says live and it was talking about the edit for the movie.  He says no there is something I can do and runs off




Is he going to reedit the movie? Orrrrr is he getting an early copy to show the grandma in the hospital




Also note the outro song was a different version same song just a sad slower one.


D- 5

B – 5

X – 6

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10 months ago

This dude brings himself down so much itll chase everyone off and he wont be able to give himself the love he needs. Honestly its so sad.

10 months ago

hey guys i got an idea how about you start dating for real so it actually isnt a lie!

10 months ago

If I told y’all I was tired of Rukia would you believe me? I mean no ones as bad as Mami but still…