Revealed details of the collaboration between Fortnite and Dragon Ball Super

Revealed details of the collaboration between Fortnite and Dragon Ball Super

August 17, 2022

More and more canon! Recently on the official site for the video game developed by Epic Games, Fortniteit was revealed that this will have a collaboration with the franchise Dragon Ball Superwhich has started today globally and is entitled “Dragon Ball: Power Unleashed!”, this includes a new tab in the main menu with missions and rewards. Likewise, it should be noted that the promotional video and the details of said collaboration were also published.

In turn, the official statement states: “This new event page, which is available to all players, tracks increasing your power level as you complete new Dragon Ball limited-time Battle Royale quests and Dragon Ball Island Adventure experiences.”

Likewise, he continues to write: “Seven sets of missions will test your skills in strength, agility, concentration and much more. With every training set you complete, you’ll earn a Dragon Ball and power up your power level, unlocking awesome rewards like the Dragon Radar Back Bling, emotes, sprays, and Battle Pass tiers.”

Additionally, it also leaves the following message for users: “Complete your training, collect all seven Dragon Balls, and obtain the Shenron Glider!”

Thus, the statement continues with the following: «The missions and rewards of Unleashed Power! will be available until August 30, 2022 at 05:00 AR and 03:00 MX.

Please note that in-game rewards Dragon Radar Retro Backpack Y shenlong glider are not exclusive to Power Unleashed! and can later appear in the item shop.»

And the thing is, things get even better then, from the August 16th to the September 17, 2022fans of the series Dragon Ball Superas well as those who are just discovering it for the first time, will have the opportunity to board a cruise created by the team at Vysena Studios to relax and watch a selection of episodes of Dragon Ball Super. Needless to say, they can find the Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival in Discover or they can watch a specific episode with one of the codes that will be provided soon.

In the same way and to finish, said statement lists some of the events and accessories that will come to the renowned game with this new adventure as follows:

  • Dragon Ball Adventure Island.
    • “As of August 19, 2022, prepare to go on an adventure to get the Dragon Balls.Explore locations inspired by the iconic world of Dragon Ball. Fly through a ring track in a Flying Cloud (Kintoun) in the Kamisama’s Palaceprepare food in the Goku’s house and go through an obstacle course in the time room. These are just some of the challenges you will encounter on your quest to collect the Dragon Balls.

      When you’re ready, test your might in the “World Martial Arts Tournament” PvP open combat arena, or explore further!»

  • Force Tournament.
    • Accumulate your power and unleash it in the Tournament of Strength to be held in all regions on August 18, 2022 in the Competitive Playlist! Compete in this Duo Battle Royale tournament for a chance to win the following prizes:»
    • «


      • Top 50% in the Main Leaderboard: Angry Vegeta Emoticon
      • 8 points earned in the Main Leaderboard: Goku Kanji Banner Icon
      • 3 points earned from eliminations with a Kamehameha: Aerosol Bills eating


    • Play up to 10 Fortnite matches in your region’s three-hour window. Currently, you can find the specific event date for each region in the Compete tab of the game. The Tournament of Strength will also feature the additional Kamehameha Leaderboard for eliminating players with the mighty Kamehameha! Get 3 kill points with Kamehameha to get the Bills eating spray.

      To participate, players must have two-factor authentication enabled and verified on their Epic account and must be level 50 or higher. You can see your account level in the Career tab within Fortnite. For full details and information on the requirements, please refer to the Tournament of Strength Official Rules page.»

  • Dragon Ball Item Shop.
    • “Now Available in the Item Shop!”
      • “GOKU

        A Saiyan raised on Earth who protected her from numerous enemies. Her Saiyan name is Kakaroto. She loves to fight and the stronger her opponent is, the greater his excitement! After the Tournament of Strength, she found out that there are many powerful fighters in the universe that she doesn’t know yet, so she trains to get a higher level.

        (Includes alternate styles Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan blue, Ultra Instinct, and Goku’s built-in Ki-Buildup emote.*Ki-Buildup universal emote sold separately.)


        A proud Saiyan prince who has a strong rivalry with Goku. He used to be a cruel and evil warrior, but he changed his mind after fighting Goku.
        Vegeta trains to defeat Goku, but feels threatened by Frieza after he was resurrected after the Tournament of Power.

        (Includes Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan Blue Evolved alternate styles, and Vegeta’s built-in Ki-Buildup emote.*Ki-Buildup universal emote sold separately.)

      • BULMA

        The first friend that Goku met. Bulma searches for the Dragon Balls with Goku and his friends and is constantly getting them out of trouble.
        She is the daughter of the good Capsule Corporation family, she invented the Dragon Radar and is a genius with machines. She is the wife of Vegeta and the mother of Trunks.

        (Includes alternate style Lab Coat.)

      • BILLS

        A god of destruction whose mission is to maintain balance in the universe.
        If he gets into a bad mood, he will destroy any nearby planets or life forms. He meets Goku when he heads to Earth with the intention of fighting Super Saiyan God, but ends up getting dragged to all sorts of places because of Goku. He likes to eat tasty things and sleep.


        • Holy Staff (Nyoibo): a mysterious cane given to Goku by his grandfather Gohan.
        • Oracle Fish: Beerus’ forgetful prophet fish.
        • Kamesennin Shell: worn by the master himself.

        • Holy Staff Peak (Nyoibo): a mysterious cane given to Goku by his grandfather Gohan.
        • Staff Peak of the Kamesennin:worn by the master himself.
        • Flying Cloud Glider (Kintoun): a mysterious cloud given to Goku by the Kamesennin.
        • Space Capsule Glider: used, above all, to invade planets.
        • Ki Accumulation Gesture: increase your energy.
        • Gesture Fusion! Haha!: do you remember the steps?
        • Ki Boost Gesture: show your power.
      • The Ki Accumulation emote in action.
      • The gesture Fusion! haha! in action.

Editor’s note: There is no doubt, gentlemen, Goku beats him xD!

Dragon Ball Super:

After defeating Majin Buu, Goku and his friends have a very peaceful life: Goku now dedicates himself to agriculture, although he always finds time to continue training; Mister Satan has become famous as the great savior of Humanity; Trunks and Goten do kid things; Gohan and Videl have gotten married; and Vegeta spends a family vacation. But something that will change his destiny is about to happen. As they gather to celebrate Bulma’s birthday, the God of Destruction has awakened and is doing what he does best: annihilating planets…and he’s just discovered Earth. Once again, Goku will need the help of his friends to become the legendary Super Saiyan in order to defeat the God of Destruction.

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