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Sakamoto’s manga Days confirmed that it will have a spin off




Through this year’s twenty-seventh edition of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jumpof Shueishait was confirmed that the manga Sakamoto Days will have a spin off titled Sakamoto Holidays.

This new story will be written by Tetsu Okawa, who works as an assistant in the main manga. This new story will debut next July 4th. Let us remember that Sakamoto Days recently confirmed its animated adaptation and already has great approval from its fans.

Sakamoto Days is a work written and illustrated by Yuuto Suzuki and its first publication took place in November 2020 through the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump from the publisher Shueisha.

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Synopsis of Sakamoto Days

Tarou Sakamoto was considered the best hitman of all time. Feared by many, he was at the top of the underground world until he met and fell in love with a woman. As a result, Sakamoto abandoned his life of crime and now works as a store clerk.

Leaving his murky past behind turns out to be more difficult than Sakamoto originally imagined. Many of his former rivals and associates do not believe he has really left the business and show up hoping to put an end to him.

With no killing allowed, Sakamoto must find creative ways to subdue his enemies and prevent them from harming his family, his store, and the small town in which he resides.

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