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Shaman King Flowers confirmed its release date on Netflix




Through its ‘coming soon’ section, Netflix listed the premiere of the animated adaptation of the manga Shaman King Flowers on your platform for the next April, the 21st.

The series ended the broadcast of its first season on April 3 with the premiere of its 13th chapter, which we could enjoy simultaneously with Japan through Anime Onegai.

The big question that we all have is whether the series will premiere on Netflix with the Anime Onegai dubbing or only with subtitles, or with a redubbing; I regret to inform you that we do not have the answer at the moment. We will have to wait for its release or for any leak that emerges these days.

Shaman King Flowers is a work written and illustrated by Hiroyuki Takei and its first publication took place in April 2012 through the magazine Jump X from the publisher Shueisha. It is the direct sequel to Shaman King, an anime released on Netflix in April 2021.

Takei completed the serialization of the manga in October 2014 and subsequently premiered Shaman King The Super Star in 2017, although it is currently on indefinite hiatus since September 2021.

Voice cast (Anime Onegai)

  • Alex Delint as Hana Asakura.
  • Tommy Rojas as Amidamaru.
  • Carlos Hernandez as Sakutaro Sakurai.
  • Danann Huicochea as Aluminum Niumbirch.
  • Ferso Velazquez as Yosuke Kamogawa.
  • Idzi Dutkiewicz as Fra YVS.
  • Cristian Franco as Yohane Asakura.
  • David Allende as Oboro Daikyo.
  • Ana Lobo as Gakko Ibuki.
  • Ellie Red as Namaha.
  • Jennifer Medel as Men Tao.

Shaman King Flowers

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Synopsis of Shaman King Flowers

The action is back in this new sequel to Shaman King! Hana Asakura realizes that being Yoh and Anna Asakura’s son is not what it seems, and his boredom makes him crave any kind of excitement.

But when a fight comes right to your door, it comes from where you least expect it: your own family? The battle for Asakura supremacy begins.

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