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Shangri-La Frontier confirmed its second season




Through a press release, the production of a second season for the animated adaptation of the manga was confirmed. Shangri-La Frontier. In the statement it was detailed that it will premiere in October of this year and that will last 2 coursesthat is, 6 months.

To commemorate the announcement, a special illustration and the first promotional video were attached to the release. It was also confirmed that Crunchyroll will continue to be in charge of its distribution on this side of the world.

Shangri-La Frontier is a manga written by Katarina and illustrated by Ryousuke Fuji and its first publication took place in the magazine Weekly Shonen Magazine from the publisher Kodansha in July 2020.

The broadcast of the first season started in October of last year and we can enjoy it through Crunchyroll and with its Latin dubbing, which was made in collaboration between Mexico and Argentina under the direction of Marcos Padró.

voice cast

  • Alejandro Bono as Sunraku.
  • Micaela Oddera as King Saiga.
  • Luciana Falcon as Towa Amane.
  • Noela Lestani as Kei Uomi.
  • Valca Ponzanelli as emul.

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Shangri-La Frontier Synopsis

Rakurou Hizutome, a second-year high school student, is only interested in one thing: finding “shitty games” and beating them up. His gaming ability is second to none, and no game is too bad for him.

So when you’re introduced to the new virtual reality game Shangri-La Frontier, you do what you do best: max out and skip the prologue and jump right into the action. But can even an expert player like Rakurou discover all the secrets that Shangri-La Frontier hides?

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