Spring 2023 Anime Rankings – Week 6

Spring 2023 Anime Rankings – Week 6

May 15, 2023

The results of the sixth weekly Anime Corner poll for anime rankings in Spring 2023 have been released! Using data from over 17,000 worldwide anime fans, we developed a list of fan-favorite episodes published during the sixth week of this season. Oshi no Ko has taken the lead, Demon Slayer has dropped to second, and Loving Yamada at Lv999 has moved up to third.

These rankings are, as always, based on community opinion. This implies that the rankings should have no impact on whether or not you watch an anime. It can help you figure out which series are popular, but each show has its own unique style, and everyone’s taste in anime is different. We advise you to test everything that piques your curiosity before voting for it!

Top 43 Anime of the Week 6 – Spring 2023

1stOshi no Ko7.75%
2ndDemon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc7.39%
3rdLoving Yamada at Lv9997.31%
4thHell’s Paradise5.7%
5thVINLAND SAGA Season 25.55%
6thKamiKatsu: Working for God in a Godless World5.05%
7thThe Ancient Magus’ Bride Season 24.66%
8thThe Dangers in My Heart4.03%
9thInsomniacs After School3.97%
10thTengoku Daimakyou3.24%
11thKonosuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World!3.21%
12thSkip and Loafer3.15%
13thMashle: Magic and Muscles3.07%
14thDr Stone: New World2.69%
15thBlue Orchestra2.45%
16thRanking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage2.4%
17thTONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You Season 22.04%
18thDead Mount Death Play2.04%
19thWhy Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion1.99%
20thA Galaxy Next Door1.96%
21stI got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in The Real World too1.77%
22ndMobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury Season 21.39%
23rdThe Café Terrace and Its Goddesses1.37%
24thSummoned to Another World for a Second Time1.27%
25thIsekai Smartphone Season 21.26%
26thThe Legendary Hero Is Dead!1.22%
27thThe Aristocrat’s Otherworldly Adventure1.11%
28thMy One-Hit Kill Sister1.09%
29thMy Clueless First Friend1.06%
30thMy Home Hero1.04%
31stEdens Zero Season 20.91%
32ndBirdie Wing Season 20.86%
33rdYuri is My Job!0.8%
34thKuma Kuma Kuma Bear Punch0.78%
35thOtaku Elf0.76%
36thSacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts0.67%
37thMahou Shoujo Magical Destroyers0.57%
38thToo Cute Crisis0.54%
39thRokudo’s Bad Girls0.53%
40th[email protected] Cinderella Girls U1490.43%
41stKizuna no Allele0.39%
42ndThe Marginal Service0.27%
43rdSorcerous Stabber Orphen -Doom of Dragon’s Sanctuary-0.23%
Spring 2023 Anime Rankings – Week 6 – Anime Corner Polls

Don’t worry if you missed voting this week; the Spring 2023 weekly poll will be held every week throughout the season!

We’re currently collecting data for the seventh week, and you can vote for your favorites at polls.animecorner.me.

Featured image:
Oshi no Ko © Aka Akasaka x Mengo Yokoyari / Shueisha, “OSHI NO KO” Partners
Demon Slayer © Koyoharu Gotoge / SHUEISHA / Aniplex / ufotable
Loving Yamada at Lv999 © Mashiro/COMICSMART INC./Yamada-kun Lv999 Production Committee

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