Spy Classroom Episode 3 Review

Spy Classroom Episode 3 Review

January 21, 2023

Abyss Doll

The time has come and our group of spies are closer than ever to the beginning of their Impossible Mission. The ambience is lively as the girls play amongst themselves to know who will carry the backpack, but Sara isn’t feeling too great about it. Scared, she feels like they are all making a horrible misunderstanding, but Lily is quick to brush it off and reassure her that everything will be okay. 

The Empire has stolen a killer virus, Abyss Doll, which spreads via airborne droplets over its one-week incubation period. Because of this, a large number of soldiers and Imperial spies stationed on-site will shoot them as soon as they see them. 

The group puts in practice their training, and they get the guards taken down, a scene that happens within the first scene of the first episode.

The Mentor and The Traitor

Guido betrayed Inferno

Sara realizes that someone was able to escape Mr.Bernard’s surveillance, and they soon realize that they are dealing with a spy. As someone charges at them, we realize that the person’s face is familiar to us, and Klaus. The man who is trying to attack the girls is none other than Guido, Klaus’ mentor. From afar, he recognizes the colour of the explosion, which is the same colour as the ones his mentor used.

Idiot Pupil


Guido was waiting for Klaus, expecting him to be the one coming in from the west, and derogatorily referring to him as his “idiot pupil”. He was supposed to be dead, along with the rest of the Inferno team, and the girls soon realize that Guido had betrayed the team during the mission, making sense of why a team that legendary would go down easily.

Guido knew their plan all along, monitoring their conversations through wiretaps put throughout the Place. He knows everything about them and their plan. 

One By One They Fall

Guido slams Annett

Instead of running away, they decide to try and take him down together, and their abilities have exponentially grown with their training, but they are still facing the mentor of a legendary spy group, so it is not an easy task. Unfortunately, Annett was the first one to fall victim to Guido, and Lily takes on the role of buying time for the others to come up with a plan, leading to a funny monologue about how seven is the perfect number and attributing one of the seven deadly sins to each of the members. 

They try once again to take him out together, but even after putting in a lot of effort they still get taken down one by one. 

Tired Of Playing Along


Guido’s target is Klaus. When they took out Inferno two months ago, the plan was for Klaus to die as well. Guido gave him a special mission to isolate him from the group because having him team up with the others would’ve been a problem for him, and he thought that Klaus wouldn’t even be able to get out of his mission alive. 

Suddenly, Lily who is on the floor listening to Guido’s story, asks him how long she will have to play along with that game, and Klaus calls him to tell him that a sample of Abyss Doll was secured, finishing his mission. Does it mean that this was their plan all along?!

One Step Ahead

Klaus tells them the plan

Before they began their mission, Klaus tells the girls that the Empire is most likely awaiting them, but if they go in pretending that they are none the wiser, they will be underestimated by the enemy and they will have a chance to win. Klaus attributes them to the job of deceiving Guido, by feigning weakness, they can create an opening. 

Klaus always knew that the fall of the Inferno team had been caused by a traitor as soon as he heard the news, and he also found the wiretaps that Guido had planted in the Palace, making them operate under the assumption that a traitor was listening to everything they did. When the girls went to live at the Palace, Klaus gave them a set of Communal Living Rules, one of them being to never use their unique talents inside the Palace. 

Given this new piece of information, neither Guido nor us know the full extent of our girls’ capabilities! 

Poison Foam 

Lily and the Poison Foam

Lily starts, by expelling a poison foam that she has been coming up with for the past month. Now, bear with me because a whole lot is happening in such a short time I am confused. Still, Lily is too slow and gets taken out by Guido with a single hit, and upon analyzing the foam on his hand, he realizes it was fake. Suddenly, the pipes above him fall, and as he manages to escape, he gets stabbed by an unknown girl who was hidden inside the backpack from the beginning of the episode. 

They Were Always Eight

The Team was always eight with Erna

Klaus explains that one of the rules he gave them, was that they would have to live in the Palace as if they were seven girls, pretending the eighth one didn’t exist. Klaus has tricked both Guido and us, we have never seen this girl before! The girl’s name is Erna, codename Fool. She specializes in misfortune and is an expert when it comes to accidents and disasters, being responsible for the huge pipes that almost fell on Guido. Her sharp senses let her subconsciously pick up on portents of doom, allowing her to get others caught up in them. 


Sibylla, Monika, Grete, Lily, Erna, Thea, Sara and Annett

Klaus arrives in time to save the girls, as the stab wasn’t enough to stop Guido, and he hands Lily the suitcase with Abyss Doll and tells them to leave to safety. Now it’s a fight between pupil and mentor. 

But instead of seeing the fight happen, we are taken to a week later, after the Impossible Mission was a success and everyone is alive, the girls are leaving the Palace to go back to their academies. Klaus is proud of them, and happy that after their successful mission, they won’t call themselves washouts anymore and can go forward with their heads held high. 

Rebuild Inferno 

Guido and Klaus

Klaus finally defeated Guido, after years of failing to be better than his mentor. Even after being betrayed by his mentor, he doesn’t want to let him die. Instead, he wants to rebuild Inferno with him so he can atone for what he has done by putting his life on the line for the country, as he is the only family that he has. But as he was being held by Klaus, he sees a sniper through the window, and to save Klaus’ life, he takes the shot himself. 

Mission Succeeded!

Spy Team Lamplight finally caught Klaus, their Teacher

Back at the Palace, as Klaus thinks about who shot Guido, he is finally caught by our girls, who were acting on their farewell to him! They finally caught their teacher! Their one and only demand is for their group Lamplight to stay together, instead of going back to their academies and graduating. 

Final Thoughts

WOW! This episode was a rollercoaster of emotions and plot twists. It was really exciting as a viewer to get just as tricked as the enemies got. I was proud to see how the girls bloomed so much in a month, even if they didn’t win their fight against Guido, they held it really well. 

I am still curious to know if the other girls have some sort of power like Lily has with being resistant to poison! I would also like to point out that during the scene where Klaus tells Guido he is his family, I could see a lot of Lily’s attitude in him, as his gaze softened so much looking at his mentor. 

I’m curious and excited to see what other events will be happening throughout the episodes, because, to be honest, I thought that the Impossible Mission would’ve been carried out in the last episode, but here we are! I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did! 

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