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Spy x Family will continue with new missions in a third season




The mission continues! The anime team SPY x FAMILY revealed on Sunday that the anime will have a third season, something that perhaps shouldn’t surprise us too much. The team took advantage of the opportunity to reveal the following image:

Anime character designer and chief animation director Kazuaki Shimada drew the image below, with design by the artistic director Yuni Yoshida.

Synopsis: Master spy Twilight is the best at what he does when it comes to going undercover on dangerous missions in the name of a better world. But when he receives the ultimate impossible mission – to get married and have a child – he may have lost his mind! Not one to depend on others, Twilight has to work hard to get a wife and son for her mission to infiltrate an elite private school. What he doesn’t know is that the woman he has chosen is a murderer and that the child he has adopted is a telepath.

Where can you watch Spy x Family?

Currently there are many ways to learn about this story created by Tatsuya Endoand produced by WIT and CloverWorks as far as anime is concerned.

The manga is published digitally in Spanish, simultaneously with Japan, through the Shueisha app. Manga Plus; The anime is available on two platforms, the first is Crunchyrollwhich have both seasons, and the other is Netflixwhich has only the first, in both cases with the option of subtitling and dubbing.

The premiere recently took place Spy x Family: Code White, which premiered in Japan in December, and in Latin America this past April. For now, it is not available on streaming.

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