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Studio Bones To Transform Kodansha’s Gachiakuta Manga Into Anime Series For Release In 2025 




Anime producer Studio Bones announced their new Gachiakuta anime series project on June 13, 2024, based on the unique and captivating Kodansha manga.

With a target release set for 2025, the studio has unveiled a teaser visual and promotional video that hints at how they plan to bring the bold art styles of manga artist Kei Urana and graffiti artist Hideyoshi Andou to life.

Both Studio Bones and Kodansha will be at the Anime Expo in July to talk more about the upcoming series.

Check the PV here:

gachiakuta anime series teaser p

About Gachiakuta:

A battle against conformity, authority and discrimination! Rudo lives in the slums of a floating town, where the poor scrape by under the shadow of the rich who live a sumptuous life, simply casting their garbage off the side, into the abyss.

Then one day, he’s falsely accused of murder, and his wrongful conviction leads to an unimaginable punishment—exile off the edge with the rest of the trash.

Gachiakuta The Authors Artwork

Down on the surface, the cast-off waste of humanity has bred vicious monsters, and if Rudo wants to have any hope of discovering the truth and seeking vengeance against those who cast him into Hell, he will have to master a new power and join a group known as the Cleaners who battle the hulking trash beasts of the Pit!

Created by manga artist Kei Urana and graffiti artist Hideyoshi Andou, Gachiakuta has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine since February 2022.

It won the Global Special Prize in the Comics category of the Next Manga Awards 2022.

The Gachiakuta anime team consists of Fumihiko Suganuma (Director of The First Slam Dunk, Shirobako and The Eccentric Family / Uchoten Kazoku) as director with series composition being handled by Hiroshi Seko (Series composition/script for Attack on Titan – The Final Season and Wind Breaker).

The character design & Chief Animation Direction are helmed by Satoshi Ishino (Chief animation director of Godzilla Singular Point and A.I.C.O. Incarnation.) whereas Animation Production is done by Studio Bones (Producer of My Hero Academia, Fullmetal Alchemist and Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven) and Production is done by Gachiakuta Production Committee.

The team also had special messages for the audience. They are as follows:

Fumihiko Suganuma, Director

My name is Fumihiko Suganuma and I’m the director of the upcoming Gachiakuta anime. I’ll do my best to deliver 120% of the unique spirit and passion of the manga and create a show that both Gachiakuta fans and viewers new to the series will enjoy.

Hiroshi Seko, Series Composition

Street smart—this was the very first word that popped into my mind when I read Gachiakuta. I see the manga as being filled with knowledge and insights that manga artist Kei Urana and graffiti artist Hideyoshi Andou gained not in the classroom, but first-hand on the streets sometimes in tough experiences, they powered through to survive.

So every page has a sort of nostalgic old-school “street” vibe that can be rough and gawky, but also so straight and powerful. I love this kind of work.

Satoshi Ishino, Character Design & Chief Animation Director

Everything about Gachiakuta—the story, Urana’s artwork, Andou’s graffiti, and the world they’ve created—is captivating. The different expressions, the dynamism and the sketches that Urana draws are all incredible, and I hope to do justice to this fantastic artwork. And you can look forward to awesome action scenes too.

The Gachiakuta will be at the Gachiakuta panel at Anime Expo 2024 where members of Studio Bones, along with producers from Avex and the editor of the manga, will reveal behind-the-scenes details of the upcoming anime. All attendees will receive an exclusive gift!

Panel details:
Studio Bones New Anime Project with Kodansha
July 4th, 2024, from 3:15pm-4:05pm
Los Angeles Convention Center room 408AB

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