Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 3

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 3

January 21, 2023

Sugar Apple Episode 2 focused on Anne and Jonas and the wild crows on the Lewiston Path. With the 2nd episode, Sugar Apple Fairy Tale settled into an adventure mode and became slightly dull by the end of it. But, episode 3 came out strong. It was surprising, and bonding, and it got me hooked on this adventurous and delicious anime.

Making Some Sugar Sweets

At the Doctor’s Inn, a stranger named Hugh (the one with the brown hair) gets interested in Anne when she requests the Doctor if the fairies can dine with them. He asks both Anne and Jonas to make Sugar Sweets for him.

Anne takes a page from her mother’s book and makes a rose that would make the white sugar shine. But, he crushes both of their designs, and dishes out some heavy critique. My heart broke for them both, especially Anne. Well, this Hugh character may be one of the Judges at the Competition or better yet, a Royal Sugar Sweet Master. Who do you think Hugh is?

Anne and Shall Bonding Time

sugar apple fairy tale episode 3 review anime

Anne is heartbroken and runs to her room. Shall comes in, first teases her, then unexpectedly comforts her. He tells her he will grow up beautifully in a few years, and her Silver Sugar-making skills will increase and change too. Who knew our sly and cynical warrior fairy could be so sweet?

Anne, in her typical fashion, flares up and argues with him. Then, Shall shares the story of his birth, how he was born from the gaze of a young girl, Liz who had strawberry blond hair just like Anne’s. He was 7 years old then, and then 15 years passed in which Shall remained by her side. Shall was making a point here, but he wouldn’t have revealed his origin if he didn’t trust Anne.

Anne probes more, and finds out that Liz died at the hands of humans, and Anne realizes that this causes Shall’s heart to freeze. She decides to make him some Silve Sugar Sweets.

Anne’s Silver Sugar Gone?!

sugar apple fairy tale episode 3 review anne

When Anne goes into her carriage, he finds two whole barrels missing. He panics and cries. Shall runs to see what happened, and Jonas is on the scene too. Cathy points out Mithril as the culprit, which he fervently denies, but upon seeing the suspicion in Anne’s eyes, he disappears, heartbroken.

Anne doesn’t have enough sugar for her entry piece and doesn’t know what to do. Jonas recommends that she make more silver sugar from sweet apples. They can be found along the path. So, with some background music, we see Anne and Jonas picking apples and making silver sugar.

A Tale of Deep Betrayal

sugar apple fairy tale episode 3 review silver sugar

With silver sugar ready, Anne thinks long and hard and decides to use her mother’s designs to make a masterpiece. When she gets started, Jonas confesses his love and tries to kiss Anne. She slaps him.

After some hard work, Anne completes her piece and is having a moment with Shall. Suddenly, Jonas comes out and congratulates Anne, and then says we need to hurry. Before Anne can make of the situation, Jonas has her carriage with the design attached to his horses and rides away, while wild hounds run towards the shelter. Cathy lured them with some filthy blood.

sugar apple fairy tale episode 3 review jonass betrayal

Jonas is such a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I never suspected him at all, and he stole Anne’s piece and left her to die. Shall takes control of the situation and despite Anne’s orders to run after Jonas, he remains and fights the wild creatures.

Looking Forward to More…

With the name Sugar Apple Fairy Tale, you’d think this anime was about sweets or cooking and slice-of-life, but ma, it’s such a great adventure and filled with drama, suspense, and action scenes (courtesy of our star warrior fairy).

Can’t wait for the next episode? What will happen next, now that Jonas has revealed his true colors?

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