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Suicide Squad ISEKAI receives release date on Max




After a few months of uncertainty, Max finally confirmed that it will be the streaming in charge of releasing the anime Suicide Squad ISEKAIa production focused on the characters of The Suicide Squad of DC Comics, in a particular Isekai. Coinciding with this, Warner recently released a video focused on Peacemaker:

Premiere It will be next June 27, only in Max, and it is expected that it will have its respective option with dubbing in Latin Spanish. For now, it is unknown if the anime will be lucky enough to air on Adult Swim.

What is Suicide Squad ISEKAI about?

The plot of this series will begin in the city of Gotham, which, infested with crime, will lead Amanda Waller, the head of ARGUS, to gather a group of notorious criminals for a mission: harley quinn, deadshot, Peacemaker, clayface and King Shark.

These DC supervillains are sent to an otherworldly realm that is connected to this world through a “GATE.” This world of swords and magic, where orcs rage and dragons rule the skies, is an “ISEKAI”!

At the beginning, Harley and the others will go on a rampage after arriving in this world, but they are captured by the kingdom’s soldiers and sent to prison, when they only have 72 hours before the bomb on their necks explodes. The deadline is approaching quickly.

After negotiating with Queen Aldora, the condition for liberation was the conquest of the hostile Imperial army. They have no choice but to rush headlong into the front line of battle. They run; they die. They lose; they die. With their lives at stake, Can Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad survive in ISEKAI?

The production is directed by Eri Osada (episode director of Jujutsu Kaisen) and encouraged by Wit Studio (Attack on Titan), with Tappei Nagatsuki (Re:Zero) and Eiji Umehara (Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song) as screenwriters. The mangaka Akira Amano (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) is responsible for the original designs, which were adapted by Naoto Hosoda (Bamboo Blade) for animation.

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