Takehiko Inoue, author of Slam Dunk and director of The First Slam Dunk, talked about a possible sequel

Takehiko Inoue, author of Slam Dunk and director of The First Slam Dunk, talked about a possible sequel

September 6, 2023

The First Slam Dunk was a huge success globally, the feature film became Japan’s 14th most successful film and the 8th highest grossing anime film. Konnichiwa Festival released it on our side of the world last July 27th and it was a great success in Latin America. Only in my country, Argentina, the film garnered 21,000 viewers in its first week and 24,690 in total.

The director of the film and author of the original work Takehiko Inoue attended an event titled “COURT SIDE in THEATER FINAL” on August 15 and talked about his work on it and also a possible sequel. About a possible sequel, he said:

“If I said there will be (a sequel) or I said there won’t be one, wouldn’t that statement bind me? As if to say there will be one, and there isn’t, that would be bad. And if I said there won’t be one, then even if I feel like drawing, I won’t be able to. So I’m not going to say anything right now.”

Furthermore, he also talked about his hard work on it:

“Before the movie was released, I just wanted to finish it. I wanted to do everything I could to make the movie even better. The staff was made up of many people who also did their best.”

He also added:

“Even though the film is completed, the film has no value unless the public sees it. A movie is truly complete when the audience sees it and the same thing that I drew in the manga is transmitted to them, so I hope that has happened.”

voice cast

  • Ferso Velazquez as ryota miyagi.
  • Rene Garcia as Hanamichi Sakuragi.
  • Sergio Bonilla as Kaede Rukawa.
  • Hector Estrada as Takenori Akagi.
  • Oscar Lopez as Hisashi Mitsui.
  • erika langarica as Haruko Akagi.
  • Emmanuel Alexander as kiminobu kogure.
  • Hector Emmanuel Gomez as Kazunari Fukatsu.
  • Javier Olguin as Eiji Sawakita.
  • Erick Selim as masahiro nobe.
  • Sergio Becerril as Masashi Kawata.
  • Luis Leonardo Suarez as Minoru Matsumoto.
  • Jorge Roig Jr. as Mitsuyoshi Anzai.
  • Azucena Miranda as Ayako.

Synopsis for The First Slam Dunk

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