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Thailand Substitutes Cat With Doraemon For Rainmaking Ritual




In response to several months of scant rainfall in Thailand, a traditional rainmaking ceremony was conducted. This traditional ceremony typically involves parading a cat through the village, with the belief that the wet feline will appease the rain gods and bring much-needed precipitation.

However, in a display of compassion, the organizers opted for a Doraemon doll instead of a real cat.

This event was brought to attention by a Twitter user, who stated, “In Thailand, where it hasn’t rained for several months, a rain-making ceremony was held. Originally, it’s supposed to involve a cat, but out of pity, they used Doraemon instead. Let’s hope for rain soon.

They also went on to note that the rainmaking ceremony does not involve the sacrifice of animals. Instead, it serves as a symbolic gesture to appeal to spiritual forces or deities for rain. Participants typically engage in a procession through the town.

By the way, in this ceremony, they don’t actually kill animals. It’s like a parade walking through the town. And that’s it.

Interestingly, this wasn’t the first time Doraemon was used in this ceremony. Reports indicate that previous instances of rainmaking ritual using the beloved character have been followed by significant rainfall. This has led the villagers to to enshrine Doraemon in a local temple as a symbol of gratitude for the much-needed rain.

Moreover, the lore of Doraemon in Thailand goes beyond rainmaking. In the heart of Bangkok lies a shrine that has become an unexpected haven for Doraemon enthusiasts. This shrine has garnered attention for its unique collection of Doraemon figurines and merchandise.

According to local media, this shrine has long been a place where people have sought blessings and good fortune, often leaving behind various toys as offerings.

Approximately three years ago, a local resident who placed a Doraemon plush at the shrine reportedly won the lottery. This event sparked a trend of people dedicating Doraemon merchandise at the shrine.

Source: Twitter

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