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The Baban Baban Ban Vampire manga will have a double adaptation




On the last Thursday of February it was announced that Baban Baban Ban Vampire, the manga written and illustrated by Hiromasa Okujima, will have not only one, but two adaptations in audiovisual format. An anime adaptation as well as a live-action film made by Shochiku and TV Asahi, both projects are scheduled to premiere in 2025.

This recent announcement coincides with the celebration of Garlic Day in Japan, on February 29. (The date numbers 2-29 sound like “ninniku,” the Japanese word for garlic.) Okujima drew an illustration to celebrate the announcement. More details will be announced later.

the manga Baban Baban Ban Vampire It belongs to the Bloody Love Comedy genre.. Master Okuyima published his work in Akita Shoten's Bessatsu Shōnen Champion magazine in October 2021. Akita Shoten will publish the seventh compiled volume of the manga on March 7.

Synopsis of Baban Baban Ban Vampire:

The story centers on a 450-year-old vampire named Ranmaru, who works part-time in an old public bath. He desires the blood of an 18-year-old virgin, so he monitors the growth of the bathhouse owners' 15-year-old son, Rihito, trying to prevent him from losing his virginity.

Fountain: @bbbbb_vampire

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