The Fruit of Evolution: Before I knew It, My Life Had It Made Season 2 Episode 2 Review

The Fruit of Evolution: Before I knew It, My Life Had It Made Season 2 Episode 2 Review

January 21, 2023

A new life has begun at Barbador Magic Academy, at which Seiichi and his friends become teachers and students. However, the F class which Seiichi is in charge of consists of 4 one-of-a-kind students. Can Seiichi fulfill his role as a teacher of F class?

It is hard to be a teacher

Brood, Baird, Helen, and Agnos

A student is messing up with Seiichi, making Beatrice get angry and hit the student on the head with the spine of a book. Our protagonist then introduces himself as a new teacher, Origa is his assistant, and Saria is a new student in F class.

The students also introduce themselves as well. Agnos Passion aka “Angry Hell Pompadour” is a gangster who has 999 wins and 0 losses. Brood Lev Kaiser aka “Sharp-Eye Honorable Prince” is the Prince of the Kaiser Empire. The quiet and cool girl is Helen Rosa, “Real Hot Double Sword”. And finally, the guy with the bear head who doesn’t say a word is Baird Lutra, “The Silent Beast”.

The encounter with the S class

barnabus the academys principal
Barnabus the academy’s principal

F-class students are walking down the corridor and talking about Seiichi. Everyone is so surprised that Saria is Seiichi’s wife. Helen then asks if Seiichi is powerful, making Saria feel confused.

In the Academy principal’s room, Barnabus, Seiichi, Origa, and Beatrice are having a conversation. Barnabus says the students of F class are a little different from other classes’ students because they are called “the laggards”.

theobold and s class students
Theobold and S class students

A group of students from the other class is coming to insult F-class students and call them “the laggards” as well. These students are from S class, the most powerful class in the Academy, and the leader of that group is Brado’s older brother, Theobold Terra Kaiser. He finds Saria attractive, so he asks her to be with him. I feel so sorry for him because Saria refuses him many times and says she only likes Seiichi. When the other class is leaving, Theobold sees Seiichi is coming, then he smiles as if he has a plan against Seiichi.

The special session

helen getting angry
Helen getting angry

In the special session, Seiichi has to check his students’ abilities. Helen gets angry and immediately volunteers to go first. She fights against Seiichi like Seiichi did something wrong to her, making Seiichi very confused.

Somewhere else, Demiolos and Anglia are on their way to destroy the Barbador Magic Academy.


I have read hundreds of comments about this anime season 2. Some people said that season 2 is a bit boring and the plot is kinda slow. The characters are also just talking and there is no battle at all.

There are just 2 episodes so far, so we won’t know what will happen next. The animation of this season is better than season 1, and we all know that the demons are going to attack the academy, which means the next episodes will have a lot of fighting. I’m pretty sure the rest of the anime is worth waiting for.

While waiting to see what will happen next, I recommend you read the light novel adaptation or read what happened in episode 1 and season 1.

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