The Iceblade Sorcerer Shall Rule the World Episode 3 Review

The Iceblade Sorcerer Shall Rule the World Episode 3 Review

January 21, 2023

Last episode the class took a trip to Kafka Forest, for their practical training. They all entered in groups of four with the goal of collecting as many stamps as possible within 24 hours. Ray’s group ends up saving Albert’s team from one of the creatures residing in the forest. Only for it to somehow be revived by a mysteriously cloaked person watching from the shadows.

Practical Training Ends

As Ray is fighting the monster, he finds it to be unusually sturdy. Albert’s group continues to watch while the three of them are getting unstuck. Meanwhile, Claris’s group is not far off when Claris hears the howl. As she is checking it out she remains hidden behind some tree watching the fight.

Ray is about to use some of his hidden power. When his friends step in to give him a hand. This gives Ray an opening to cut the monster in half. While Ray wonders what was with that monster, his friends compliment him. Claris is amazed to have seen how strong Ray was. As his group is talking, one of Albert’s members mentions that Ray may not be a Withered after all. This only angers Albert & he tells his group to head out.

Then Ray’s group collects the final stamp, as Elisa is being carried by Ray. As they talk, Amelia jumps on to Ray’s back as well & starts playing with Elisa. We then transition to Ray’s group having received the highest score. Claris is the only one to be seen clapping with enthusiasm. Which comes to a stop when she notices the others looking at her in disdain.

Wanda & her two friends agree that it was only because of Amelia that Ray was up there at all. Amelia comments that it’s typical of nobles to be like that & complains under her breath. Ray is happy that his friends care about him as they do.

New Theories Equal New Threats

It has been two months since Ray had gone to the academy. Lydia is waiting impatiently at a window. Her maid, Carla converses with her about Ray. As they are talking, Carla notices him coming & invites him in. After Lydia & Ray greet each other, they take a seat & begin to chat.

Lydia expects it to take 5 years or so for him to be able to use his ability fully. Yet it appears using it is considered to be strictly forbidden. Lydia tells him it is, but if he ever felt that it was absolutely needed, he would have to make the call. She also mentions that she had passed the mantle of ‘Iceblade Sorcerer’ over to him.

She then proceeds to the matter in which he was called to come over. It regards a rumor spreading among the sorcery researchers. She says she wouldn’t bother with some petty rumors, but Engram was a whole other matter. Lydia begins to talk about sorcery research & how she is researching the brain instead of sorcery itself.

Announcing the two-fold theory, triggered a new movement. The part of the brain where memories of sorcery are stored, is Engram. Then people who’d do anything to get what they want appear. Instead of using sorcery to analyze the brain. These people rummage around inside of a sorcerer’s brains. They have no issue about crossing the line of humanity & they call themselves ‘Eugenics’.

They had invited Lydia to join & according to Carol they have already begun reaching out to other prominent sorcerers. Having finished that conversation they go outside for a walk. While reminiscing about the past, Lydia brings up the question about Ray making some friends. He tells her a bit about them & she tells them to invite them to come next time as she wants to meet those that got his smile to soften up.

Then they discuss the upcoming Magic Chevalier. Which is an event held between 3 of the kingdom’s sorcery academies. Lydia had won the event 4 times & believes that Ray could do the same if he enters. Ray says that he would rather remain in the background. A reason being his recuperation, but also to cheer his friends on. She then gives Ray a small book she believes would be of use to him.

3 Girls 1 Day

Back at the academy Ray is out running. As he passes by Elisa on her way out he stops & talks with her. Ray ends up asking if it would be alright for him to join her as well. Having agreed, Ray got changed & met back up with her as she had also gotten changed while waiting. Ray then goes on to give her compliments.

Having arrived at the library, Elisa reads one of Ainsworth’s books. While Ray is reading a novel about love. Given that he doesn’t know much about emotions, he is drawn to learn about them. After leaving the library, they are spotted by Claris. She finds it hard to approach & tries to encourage herself.

Having noticed her, the two walk over & Ray speaks to Claris. He proceeds to invite her to have lunch with them. As they are sitting at the table, Ray introduces them to each other with sweet words about them. Neither of which has done this sort of thing before.

As they eat the two girls begin to become more comfortable around each other. After lunch the two of them separate from Ray & walk off together. As Ray turns to the opposite direction. He notices Amelia having just exited a carriage. While she turns away from watching the carriage leave she takes notice of him.

While they are talking she becomes jealous that he had spent time with two other girls. She asks him to accompany her somewhere as well. They went to a clothing store together & she puts on a fashion show for him, as he compliments her. As they are talking through the changing room curtain.

Amelia is scared by a spider & rushes out into Ray. She suddenly realizes that she’s barely clothed & rushes back in with embarrassment. Ray apologizes & Amelia tells him it wasn’t an issue. Then speaking to herself, saying she may be able to show her true self to Ray someday.

Lurking in the Shadows

We then transition to Miss Gray talking with Ray. She tells him he doesn’t need to be so formal as it wasn’t the military. She asks him about how he is finding the life of a student to be. He gives his response then asks if something had happened.

Miss Gray simply states that she was worried as he was the first ordinary since the inception of the academy. She was concerned that the noble students were causing him grief. Miss Gray apologies that she is aware of it & currently can’t do anything about it.

She’s aware that even though several years have passed since she became a teacher. She had still been trying to be a sorcery researcher. She wishes she had done more as a teacher than being an aloof researcher. The conversation soon comes to an end with her telling him to come to her if he was having any problems.

Meanwhile back in Kafka Forest. It appears that Albert had not returned to school after the day Ray saved their group. It looks like he has been doing some kind of training in order to beat Ray. As Albert is yelling out into the night, a cloaked figure can be seen watching him from above with a smirk.

My Thoughts on the Episode

The action was limited, but at least some of the characters weren’t sitting on the sidelines while Ray was fighting. Also the stuck up attitudes of the other noble students are getting tiresome. I can hardly wait for them to see how good he actually is.

We did manage to learn a bit more about Ray & about Lydia. Although it also brought up more questions to get answered. Ray also needs to learn that saying sweet words to or about a girl can become too much. Not to mention misleading in some ways.

We also have to wonder what Amelia meant when she said ‘who I really am’. The fanservice wasn’t bad either. Yet Ray is far too oblivious to the matter it seems. The scene with Miss Gray also begs the question on how much does she know about Ray & if the rest of the teacher are aware of it as well.

Albert is going insane from the looks of it. I get the feeling we may see a character die soon & I’m not counting the flashback of the war in saying this. Just what is that mysterious person planning? Guess we’ll find out later. Overall I’d likely give this episode a 6 out of 10. See you all again for the next episode – “The Boy Who Became the World’s Strongest Sorcerer Releases His Secret Power”.

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