The Magic of Escape Rooms at Tokyo Mystery Circus! | Japan News

The Magic of Escape Rooms at Tokyo Mystery Circus! | Japan News

December 29, 2022

Ever felt like solving an intricate mystery, but you don’t want to do it alone? With the popularity of shows like Alice in Borderland on Netflix, you may be curious about trying an escape room to scratch that puzzle-solving itch! That’s why we jumped at the chance to experience our first Real Escape Game (REG) at Tokyo Mystery Circus (TMC) in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

TMC is a mini theme park with six floors dedicated to escape rooms, and a REG is an interactive live puzzle game where players have to solve mysteries and clues within a time limit to “escape” from a given location based on a unique storyline.

We joined Escape from The Werewolf Village, which is played by multiple teams of up to six in a large room. The objective is to guess who the werewolves are and escape the village before the one hour time limit is over. Rather than physically having to escape a room, we had to solve riddles and clues to metaphorically escape the village narrative.

We opened our packet of clues, finding ourselves in awe at the number of puzzles. Each puzzle had a different way to solve it, and each clue helped us to come closer to discovering the identity of the werewolves.

During the five rounds, villagers would die every 10 minutes. Uh oh. This really kept the pressure on us to think faster and work as a team. We can’t spoil any clues, but we can say that the final answer was a complete twist that went beyond just figuring out who the werewolves were!

One of our team members said, “This was my first time playing an escape game, and it was such a fun experience! The storyline of the game was thrilling and the time limit had my heart beating faster and faster as we neared the end of the game.”

Another said, “Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience, and I would recommend anyone interested in escape rooms to visit Tokyo Mystery Circus if they have the opportunity. The staff are very friendly and will help answer your questions if you have any.”

Meanwhile, our final member said, “Since we ran out of time and couldn’t ‘escape,’ I’m really looking forward to trying some different escape games, and some of the mini-games they had in their goods shop.”

Some of those other games are Spellbound Supper, which uses projection mapping, and Escape from the NINE ROOMS: Escape from the Runaway Train, which has you literally moving from one train car to the next to physically escape the venue. They even have some games where you can participate as an actor! There really is something for everyone. As for us, we’re hoping to escape some of their anime collaboration rooms sometime soon!

Run by SCRAP, Tokyo Mystery Circus is a large part of their escape room business, which has plenty of locations in cities like Tokyo and Osaka! Plus, many of their games can be played using English and Chinese. We were surprised to hear that one doesn’t even require spoken language.

If you’re planning a trip to Japan or already here, swing by Tokyo Mystery Circus for a fun challenge! Tickets can be purchased online or at the venue, and entry to the cafe and shop areas is free. And if you can’t make it to Japan yet, try their online game kits where you and your friends can still experience the thrill of a great mystery!

This is a Tokyo Otaku Mode original article written by A. Morris.

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