The Netflix series based on the video game “League of Legends”, Arcane, will have a second season

The Netflix series based on the video game “League of Legends”, Arcane, will have a second season

November 21, 2021

Instant success!. This is what the new series of the renowned platform of streaming Netflix, Arcane Well, even though the series based on the video game League of Legends (LOL), was released last November 6th, it has been announced that this will have a second season.

That said, the news has been shared through a tweet in the official account of Twitter from Netflix Geeked, in which they confirm that a second season of the series is in production, in addition to sharing a short video that confirms this news.

To finish, I must emphasize that Arcane it’s an animated series Franco-American of adventure, drama and comedy, set in the universe of League of Legends, which was originally scheduled for a release in 2020, the series was rescheduled for a release in 2021 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, being finally launched worldwide in the past November 6, 2021 both on the video platform of Netflix like in Tencent Video in China. Needless to say, the series will be divided into 3 “acts” from 3 episodes each, released during 3 consecutive weeks, for a total of 9 episodes.

Editor’s note: It just came out and the second season is already announced? Ahuevo, evil triumphed! XD


Arcane is an animated series based on the hit video game League of Legends or also popularly known as Lol. The story focuses primarily on two cities: the rich and balanced Piltover and the seedy heart of Zaun.

Tensions between the two cities grow even more with the creation of hextech, the way in which anyone can control magical energy; and on the other hand in Zaun appears a new drug called shimmer that transforms humans into monsters.

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