The novel for adults NUKITASHI confirmed its animated adaptation

The novel for adults NUKITASHI confirmed its animated adaptation

January 28, 2024

Through a special event, the production of the animated adaptation for visual novels for adults was confirmed Nukige Mitai na Shima ni Sunderu Watashi wa Dou Surya Ii Desu ka?will be titled NIKUTASHI: THE ANIMATION and will be produced by Kodokawa. Other details such as the release date will be revealed soon.

Qruppo is the group that created these visual novels and the first publication took place in 2018. The Steam version in English was published in June 2023 with a duration of only 2 hours. Although this version is censored, there is an official patch to return it to its origins for adult audiences.

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Synopsis of NUKITASHI

Seiran Island is a paradise where kinky sex is allowed by law. Transfer student Junnosuke is a proud virgin who firmly values ​​chastity. He believes that there should be no sex without love, against the rules imposed on the island’s inhabitants.

However, those who do not have sexual relations are subject to immediate arrest, fellatio and intercourse! Will he and his friends be able to escape the clutches of the student council and disciplinary committee, known as the “SS”? The battle to maintain virginity begins.

Fountain: Official Web site.

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