The original anime of Los Supercampeones returns to Paraguayan television

The original anime of Los Supercampeones returns to Paraguayan television

March 12, 2023

The first adaptation of the iconic spokon manga Yōichi Takahashi, better known in Latin America with the title of super champions, returns to the television stations of the Latele network located in Paraguay. The arrival of Oliver Atom and the other players to the screens of the aforementioned channel is scheduled to be broadcast from Monday to Friday starting on February 6 at 9:30 am (Pay Time).

Super Champions, originally titled Kyaputen Tsubasa, was born as a manga written and illustrated by Yōichi Takahashi in 1981. Its first anime adaptation was carried out thanks to the hands and production given by the Tsuchida Production studio. It began on October 13, 1983 until March 27, 1986 for the small screen in Japan through TV Tokyo channel 12. It is made up of 128 episodes of 21 minutes each, where the story of the manga is told up to number 25, in addition to adding content that was not in the original story, such as the world children’s tournament in Europe; with this, the anime surpassed the manga.

Synopsis of Super Champions:

The plot focuses on Tsubasa’s relationship with his friends, the rivalry towards his opponents, the training, the competition and the events in each of the matches that are played, it is important to add that the manga, movies and video games complement the story. or offer an alternate reality of the series.

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