These are the Crunchyroll simuldubs for the Fall season

These are the Crunchyroll simuldubs for the Fall season

September 20, 2023

Autumn is here! Today Crunchyroll confirmed its new simuldubs. We will have dubs in animes of all colors so that we can all enjoy, below we review them.

Dr. STONE New World

With the ambitious Ryuusui Nanami on board, Senkuu Ishigami and his team are almost ready to sail the seas and reach the other side of the world, where the strange green light that petrified humanity originated. Thanks to the resurgence of a skilled chef, enough food is being prepared for the entire crew and the incredible reinvention of GPS promises to ensure safety on the open sea.

Preparations for the next trip are going swimmingly until Senkuu receives a disturbing message from a mysterious source. More motivated than ever, the scientist sets out to explore the new world and discover what he can offer to the scientific cause of it.

Although uncharted territories may hide unpleasant surprises, Senkuu, with a little help from science, is ready to face any challenge.

Frieren: Beyond the end of the journey

The demon king has been defeated and the victorious group of heroes returns home before disbanding. The four (the wizard Frieren, the hero Himmel, the priest Heiter, and the warrior Eisen) remember their decade-long journey when it comes time to say goodbye.

But the passage of time is different for elves, so Frieren witnesses his companions slowly die one by one. Before his death, Heiter manages to impose on Frieren a young human apprentice named Fern. Driven by the elf’s passion for collecting a host of magical spells, the pair embark on a seemingly aimless journey, revisiting the places the heroes of yesteryear had visited.

Throughout his travels, Frieren slowly confronts his regrets over missed opportunities to form deeper bonds with his now-deceased comrades.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend T2

Naoya Mukai is having the time of his life after his childhood friend, Saki Saki, finally accepts one of his countless confessions. To ensure that their relationship remains strong, he spares no effort to show affection to his now beloved girlfriend.

However, one afternoon, another girl named Nagisa Minase suddenly confesses to Naoya after months of preparation. Although he politely rejects her, her irresistible charm and Nagisa’s determination continue to attract Naoya. Wanting to fulfill Saki and Nagisa’s wishes, Naoya ends up proposing a crazy idea: dating both of them simultaneously, with both girls fully conscious.

This unprecedented situation ultimately causes wacky and fun situations in everything they do to maintain their unusual relationship.


Goblins are known for their ferocity, cunning, and rapid reproduction, but their reputation as the humblest of monsters means their threat is overlooked. These vile creatures, who raid rural civilizations to kidnap females of other species for breeding, are free to continue their attack while adventurers turn a blind eye in favor of more rewarding tasks with greater rewards.

To commemorate her first day as a porcelain adventurer, the 15-year-old priestess joins a group of young, enthusiastic rookies to investigate a tribe of goblins responsible for the disappearance of several village women. Unprepared and inexperienced, the group soon faces their inevitable demise after an ambush while exploring a cave.

With no one else standing, the terrified Priestess accepts her fate, until the Goblin Slayer unexpectedly appears to not only rescue her with little effort, but also destroy the entire goblin nest. As a holder of the prestigious Silver rank, Goblin Slayer allows her to accompany him while she assists the Adventurer’s Guild in all matters related to goblins.

Along with the Priestess, the High Elf, the Dwarf, and the Lizardman, the armored warrior will not rest until all the goblins in the borderlands have been eradicated forever.

I fell in love with the villain

Ordinary office worker Rei Oohashi wakes up in the body of the protagonist of her favorite otome game, Revolution. To her delight, the first person to greet her is also her favorite character, Claire Francois, the main antagonist of the story! Now, Rei is determined to have a romance with Claire instead of the game’s male protagonists. But how will her evil lover react to this new courtship?

Shangri-La Frontier

Rakurou Hizutome, a second-year high school student, is only interested in one thing: finding “shitty games” and beating them up. His gaming skills are second to none and no game is too bad for him to enjoy.

So when you’re introduced to the new virtual reality game Shangri-La Frontier, you do what you do best: min-max and skip the prologue to jump right into the action. But can even an expert player like Rakurou discover all the secrets that Shangri-La Frontier hides…?


Just as the planet was approaching its Third World War, super-powered individuals from all over the world appeared to keep the peace. They became the symbols of their respective nations, striving to limit crime and bring evildoers to justice.

Teenage heroine Teru “Shy” Momijiyama is Japan’s representative in the world of heroes. When a mysterious threat called Amalareiks arises, Shy must work together with her fellow heroes to stop them at all costs.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride S2

Apprentice mage Chise Hatori is invited to enroll at the College, a prestigious learning institution for sorcerers, to examine and search for a way to remove the curses she carries. Despite the reluctance of her boyfriend Elias Ainsworth, Chise accepts her proposal, as she believes that attending school could help minimize her self-sacrificial tendencies.

From the beginning, Chise captures the attention of both her classmates and teachers, who have never seen a magician in action before. However, a sinister plot is brewing behind the School’s back, and the young wizard will have to determine who is friend or foe in order to stop it.

The Faraway Paladin: Lord of the Rust Mountains

Born into a new world after a life of stagnation, Will awakens with the faces of a skeleton, a ghost, and a mummy. Living in the ruins of a long-fallen city, the three raise Will as their own. The skeleton—Blood—teaches him how to fight; the ghost, Gus, teaches him magic; and the mummy, Mary, teaches him religion and responsibility.

The most important thing is that everyone teaches him love. As Will grows and learns about the world he was born into, he prepares for the day when he must finally strike out on his own. For Will, this journey includes a promise of a lifetime. Upon coming of age, each adult must swear an oath to the god of his or her choice, and the strength of the oath affects the degree of the god’s sworn blessing to him.

With his departure approaching, Will must prepare to accept the truth from his undead guardians and embark on a world whose state not even they know. Will discovers, however, that every oath must be kept, one way or another.

The Rising of the Shield Hero S3

The Four Cardinal Heroes are a group of ordinary men from modern-day Japan summoned to the kingdom of Melromarc to become its saviors. Melromarc is a country plagued by Waves of Catastrophe that have repeatedly devastated the land and brought disaster to its citizens for centuries.

The four heroes respectively receive a sword, a spear, a bow and a shield to defeat these Waves. Naofumi Iwatani, an otaku, is cursed with the destiny of being the “Shield Hero.” Armed only with a measly shield, Naofumi is belittled and ridiculed by his fellow heroes and the people of the kingdom due to his weak offensive capabilities and mediocre personality.

When the heroes are given resources and comrades to train with, Naofumi sets out with the only person willing to train alongside him, Malty Melromarc. However, he is soon betrayed by her and falsely accused of taking advantage of her. Naofumi then becomes very discriminated against and hated by the people of Melromarc for something he didn’t do.

With a raging storm of pain and distrust in his heart, Naofumi begins his journey to strengthen himself and his reputation. Later, however, the difficulty of being alone arises, so Naofumi purchases a dying demi-human slave named Raphtalia to accompany him on his travels. As the Waves approach the kingdom, Naofumi and Raphtalia must fight for the survival of the kingdom and protect the people of Melromarc from their unfortunate future.

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The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent T2

Since ancient times, the citizens of Slantania have lived within a blanket of miasma, a force that generates monsters that wreak havoc across the world. When the kingdom’s Knight Order becomes unable to contain the monsters, the Grand Wizard summons a holy maiden, the legendary “Saint,” to destroy the hideous creatures and restore peace.

One night, when Sei Takanashi returns home after a long day at work, a magical force pulls her into a strange world. Upon her arrival in the kingdom of Slantania, she hears that the Great Wizard inadvertently summoned two Saints: Sei and a brown-haired girl. Needing only one holy maiden, the prince declares the other girl as the Saint, leaving Sei to fend for himself.

Sei sets his sights on the Medicinal Flora Research Institute, an establishment known for its studies on herbs and potions. While indulging in his latest passion, Sei has a fateful encounter with the commander of the Third Order of Knights. But what she doesn’t know is that her aptitude as a Saint will continue to influence her new life.

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