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Toei Animation’s original anime, Girls Band Cry, revealed its second trailer




Through their Twitter account, a new promotional video was revealed for the original Toei Animation anime, Girls Band Cry. Let’s remember that it will be released next 5th of April.

voice cast

  • Mirei as Subaru Awaa mature and strong-willed performing arts student.
  • Yuri as Momoka Kawaragia 20-year-old free-spirited street musician.
  • Rina Uchiyama as Nina Iserian introverted girl who is good at going unnoticed.
  • Natsu as I take Ebizukaheiress to a rich family, but now alone in a shared apartment.
  • Syuri as Rupaborn to a South Asian father and a Japanese mother, and gifted as an actor.

Production team

  • Kazuo Sakai is in charge of directing anime at the studios Toei Animation.
  • Jukki Hanada is in charge of writing and supervising the scripts.
  • Nari Teshima He is in charge of character design and animation direction.
  • Mari Kondou and Jae Hoon Jung They are in charge of the CGI animation direction.
  • Kenji Tamai He is in charge of composing the soundtrack.

Girls Band Cry

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Synopsis of Girls Band Cry

The protagonist drops out of high school in the second year and aspires to enter university while working alone in Tokyo. A girl is betrayed by her friends and she doesn’t know what to do. Another girl is abandoned by her parents, and tries to survive in the city by doing part-time jobs.

This world disappoints us all the time. Nothing goes as planned. But we want something that we still like. We believe there is a place where we belong. That’s why we sing.

Fountain: Anime News Network.

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