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Toyota Launches New Anime Series To Capture Gen Z & Asian-American Audience




Japanese automotive giant Toyota is set to debut a brand-new anime series titled GRIP. Scheduled for release on Feb 26, 2024, the five-episode series will be available weekly on Toyota’s official website.

The anime series is produced by Long Beach-based marketing agency Intertrend, and aims to use the essence of Japanese animation with Toyota’s renowned Gazoo Racing motorsport division, to capture both Gen-Z and young Asian-American demographics.

A new trailer was revealed to commemorate the announcement.

The series follows protagonist Jae Kang and his companions as they navigate a futuristic metropolis controlled by the tech conglomerate SynthCorp. The series unfolds in a time where the joy of driving has been suppressed by SynthCorp’s dominance. Led by the enigmatic Dr. Synth, the corporation has convinced the public of the superiority of its cookie-cutter vehicles, which he has successfully persuaded the public to perceive as safer, more efficient and will lead to a more controlled society. However, as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that things are not as they seem. Kang, accompanied by his specially modified GR Corolla, finds himself thrust into a race against time to liberate the city from imminent peril.

Matthew Choy, Executive Director of Strategy/Creative at Intertrend, emphasizes anime as the perfect medium to connect with the target demographic, stating, “perfect conduit for this audience, leveraging a storytelling platform that wasn’t an usual, expected ad campaign“.

Drawing inspiration from classic anime like Initial D, Choy notes that the genre offers a canvas for larger-than-life portrayals of cars and characters, amplifying the thrill of driving and storytelling alike.

“We were inspired to tell a story that went beyond the product, and utilized narratives that we see all around us in American culture,” he added. He also went on to say that it will feature themes of Automation vs. Manual Control, Digital vs. Analog and Good vs. Evil.

Source: Variety, Toyota

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