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Why could the final season of BEASTARS bring controversy?




Just a few hours ago, Netflix released a press release showing us what is the first promotional image for the next season of the animated adaptation of BEASTARS, in which they confirm that the final season will be divided into two parts; The first will be released this year and the second on a date yet to be announced.

However,Why do I think this is going to cause controversy??, this is answered with the simple fact that it is a final seasonsince there is still a lot of manga to adapt.

At the end of the second season, in terms of story it adapts to the chapter 49 from the original manga, which is approximately the conclusion of volume 11Beastars It has a total of 22 volumes.

This leads me to think that, putting both parts together, this final season will have 24 chapters, since we know that it will be divided into two parts. The option that no one wants is for all of this to be simplified and we have an adaptation that is quite poor in level of detail, that would be a true catastrophe, due to the richness of the original work.

Paru Itagaki She is the author of the original work and began publishing her manga in 2016 through the magazine Weekly Shonen Championbelonging to the publishing house Akita Shoten.

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The first season of the anime premiered in 2019 followed by a newly released second season in the Winter-2021 season. The series is available in Netflix with its respective Latin dubbing, which was made in Mexico under the direction of the teacher Carla Castaneda.


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Fountain: Netflix Anime.

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