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Why Nobody Remembers My World? reveals its musical themes and release date




The anime team Why Nobody Remembers My World? (Naze Boku no Sekai o Dare mo Oboeteinai no ka?), based on the light novel by writer Kei Sazane and illustrator neco, announced this Wednesday that the series will be released on July 13.

On the other hand, the team also revealed the composer and artists of the main song, which will provide the opening musical note, as well as the fifth video of the character starring Rinne:

Unlucky Morpheus performs the opening theme “Sekai Rinne“; SUSU performs the first ending theme “Togirenaide“; URBANGARDE performs the second ending “Ai, Amnesia“, and finally, ELFENSJóN performs the third ending “UMBRA“. Akiyoshi Yasuda (Real Girl) composes the music.

The production team heads it Tatsuma Minamikawa (Fire Force: Season 2) directs the anime in the Project No.9. Satoru Sugizawa (Love After World Domination) is supervising the scripts for the series, and Hiromi Kato (A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special) is adapting Neco’s original character designs for animation. Here is the synopsis presented:

Synopsis: The war between the five races of Earth – humans, the “Demon Race”, the “Wild God Race”, the “Spiritual Race” and the “Phantom Beast Race” – has ended with the victory of the humans. .
It is said that the “Prophet Sid” had sealed the other four races in the black pyramid now called “Crypts”.
Kai’s job is to keep an eye on the crypts and make sure there are no changes. She also trains to save the humans when the other races break the seal and return to this world.
The crypts seemed quiet today… but after Kai felt the world bend before his eyes… everything changed.
«Rebirth of the World» was activated…!
Now Kai is in a totally different world where no one knows him. But he remembers everyone!

Finally, it is worth mentioning that, before its premiere, the anime will be screened in advance on June 16 at the Grand Cinema Sunshine in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. As for Latin America, there is no defined streaming for its broadcast.

Fountain: ANN

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