With great success, the launch of Anime Onegai by Animeka was carried out

With great success, the launch of Anime Onegai by Animeka was carried out

April 19, 2022

It officially started today. “Anime Onegai by ANIMEKA”the only Japanese animation platform that distributes directly from Japan without any intermediary, in order to better meet the needs of the region.

After 18 months of testing, the company that is supported directly by large companies of the medium as the largest manga publisher in the world, Shueisha, as well as the emblematic studio, Toei Animation, and one of the largest Japanese television stations, TV Tokyo, aims to balance required by the Latin American market.

There are those who believe that the consolidation of US platforms could become a monopolyhowever, Latin American demand far exceeds current supply, so Anime Onegai by ANIMEKA It starts with a disruptive strategy, to offer the region what the intermediaries cannot. In other words, the business model is comparable to other disruptors that, by expanding the market, manage to offer better prices for consumers and much higher profits for those who create the productin this case, the anime.

Anime Onegai by ANIMEKA, has worked so far with over 300 voice actors, and this 2022 will premiere home-made dubbing of series that have been ignored or little attended by foreign intermediaries. Making it clear that the user reviews are the first priority for the selection of content, thus avoiding any censorship filter or ideologies outside Japan and Latin America.

Anime Onegai by ANIMEKA, starts not only as the only platform that translate the anime directly from japanesebut it is the only one that produces his own dubbingwhich adds to the strategy of eliminating intermediaries, in order to offer even better prices to the user and much higher royalties to those who create Japanese animation.

Anime Onegai by ANIMEKA start operations by adding the the only live channel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that offers 100% Japanese animation and that releases new content every week that has not been broadcast on any channel, or on any other platform. This is added to its anime on demand services, which are launched as the cheapest on the continent (including the possibility of paying in cash), while also offering all subtitled content for free.

It should be noted that it is also the only platform whose technical infrastructure (both back-end and front-end) has been developed 100% by Latin American talent with Japanese capitalwhich also allows ideal growth in the region, while becoming an advantage for the presence it will have Anime Onegai by ANIMEKA on multiple Latin American platforms and channels in the coming months.

Remember that if you want to remember all the news from yesterday’s event, you can check them here.

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