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Yoichi Takahashi, author of Captain Tsubasa, retires as a mangaka after 43 years




The new year arrived loaded! Yoichi Takahashiauthor of the renowned manga Captain Tsubasa (Captain Tsubasa / Super Champions) has decided to retire as a mangaka after 43 years of experiencethe news was taken from Volume 19 of Captain Tsubasa Magazine and later shared by various users through Twitter/X.

It is worth clarifying that, in said statement, the author lets us know the reasons that led him to this decision; Likewise, he clarifies that prior to his retirement he will be giving an end to the sequels currently in publication Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun and Captain Tsubasa: Memorieswhich will arrive in the next installment of the aforementioned Captain Tsubasa Magazinewhich will be your number 20 and that will be released on the Japanese market during the next month of April 2024.

Takahashi He states that the main reason for his retirement is his current state of health, which, far from being a medical condition, has been deteriorated by symptoms associated with age. (currently, said author is 63 years old), which prevents him from following the pace of work that the life of a mangaka entails. However, he does not rule out continuing to work on the scripts for the various adaptations of his work.

On the other hand, Captain Tsubasaknown as Captain Tsubasa in some Spanish translations, although alternatively and more popularly known as Super champions in Latin America and Champions: Oliver and Benji in Spain, it is a manga series written and illustrated by the aforementioned Yoichi Takahashi in 1981 via magazine Shūkan Shōnen Jump (Weekly Shōnen Jump) from the publisher Shueishawith a total of 37 volumes, including some shorter sequels.

An anime series adaptation was developed just two years after the launch of the manga, which had great success internationally, originally being broadcast between 1983 and 1986 by TV Tokyo and directed by Isamu Imakake. In the following decades, short television sequels were made, which did not achieve the same impact as the first adaptation.

Editor’s note: Goodbye Takahashi-sensei! and May the force be with you! :’)

Captain Tsubasa:

Tsubasa Ôzora is a sixth grade boy who has grown up with his great friend, the soccer ball. Upon entering his new school, Nankatsu, he meets the incredible goalkeeper Genzô Wakabayashi, from the Shûtetsu school, and challenges him. Everything will be settled in the general confrontation between the two schools!!

Fountain: Ramen for Two

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