Yoshihiro Togashi Finishes Working On Hunter X Hunter’s Latest Volume

Yoshihiro Togashi Finishes Working On Hunter X Hunter’s Latest Volume

September 5, 2022

Hunter x Hunter author Yoshihiro Togashi revealed in his tweet on Sep 5, 2022, that he has finished working on the latest volume of the manga. Well, almost done working.

According to Togashi, barring the work on a double page spread, everything else that is needed for the latest book has been completed.

“The book [volume] work is complete except for one double-page spread,” the author wrote in his tweet.

By mentioning book, the author is referring to Hunter x Hunter chapters 391 – 400, which will make up volume 38 of the manga. He has consistently been updating the status of these chapters on his official twitter account.

Since volume 25, each volume of Hunter x Hunter manga consistently had 10 chapters in them. Currently 36 volumes of the manga have been published.

Togashi is also working on the drafts of chapters 401-410 of Hunter x Hunter.

The author added that he will keep updating on the status of the manuscripts of the new chapters.

There has been no concrete date set for Hunter x Hunter manga’s return. Neither Shueisha nor Shonen Jump have released an official statement about the manga returning from hiatus.

Hunter x Hunter written and illustrated by Togashi, has been serialized in Shonen Jump since March 1998. The manga had its fair share of hiatuses since 2006. The last chapter of Hunter x Hunter released on November 2018, and has since been on a hiatus till now.

The manga currently has published 390 chapters.

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