Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 3 Review

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 3 Review

January 21, 2023

Previous Episode

The previous episode was a MASTERPIECE! It was absolutely perfect in every way. Rampo’s character development and the role of Fukuzawa in it was PERFECT!!! I’m already in love with this new season. 

The episode ended with Rampo heading towards the police station with an officer and Fukuzawa getting the news that the Author of the play has been murdered. 

The Police Officer

Rampo Being His Usual Self

The Officer Rampo was traveling with was looking rather suspicious from the very beginning. He was asking Rampo weird questions and Rampo realized that they were not going to the police station. Where are they headed then? 

Mitamura Thinking That He Had Won LOL

Rampo thought that the Officer was doubting him and CHALLENGED him! If he answers all his questions then Rampo wins and vice versa. Most of his questions were regarding the case. The guy who had captured the Gentleman carried him using a rag. Using his ability, Rampo figured out that the actual PREPARATOR who had captured the gentleman and was behind all this was Mitamura, the police officer. He really is a GENIUS!!! 

Find The Cane!

Fukuzawa Discovering The Mysterious Device

After hearing the news of the writer’s death, Fukuzawa became suspicious. According to Rampo, there are two ends to this case and they have figured out just one. Things got even worse when he heard that Rampo hasn’t reached the police station. 

He wanted to go look for him, but there was no time. However, Rampo had left a SECRET message for him stating, “Mitamura is the preparator, Find the Cane!” Fukuzawa managed to find it pretty quickly and discovered that there is a mysterious device inside. 

Abandoned Seaport

Rampo Not Giving a SHIT to What Mitamura’s Sayinh

On the other hand, Mitamura had taken Rampo to a mysteriously abandoned seaport. The thing here is that Rampo was the one who had RUINED their master plan and they wanted to catch him. However, after witnessing his skills, Mitamura figured that they should hire him instead. 

Oda Sakunosuke

Teen Oda Sakunosuke

In order to gain info, Fukuzawa went to Sakunosuke who was locked up in a prison, and asked him about the device. However, Sakuosuke had no reason to give him information. In order to persuade him, Fukuzawa suggested that he’ll testify for him in court so that he can get out of prison. 

Fukuzawa’s Dark Past

Sakunosuke was SHOCKED to hear this as Fukuzawa is a man of justice. He considered Rampo LUCKY and gave him the info he needed to rescue Rampo. The truth is that Sakunosuke did not want to talk about them as he hated their way of work. For them, Killing was a ritual! This reminded Fukuzawa of his past. 

Perfect Timing

Mitamura Ready To Shoot Rampo

Meanwhile, Mitamura tried his level best to persuade Rampo, however, Rampo absolutely ridiculed him by not even listening to what he is saying. Mitamura had no choice but to kill Rampo. As he was about to shoot, Rampo told him that he has just 3 SECONDS!! And BOOOOM!!! Fukuzawa made an absolute banger entrance and punched Mitamura to the ground. 

He also knocked out all the other guards and asked Rampo if he was alright. As Rampo was about to talk, Fukuzawa SLAPPED him! For what tho? 

Fukuzawa’s Entry

He was angry because Rampo had endangered his own life to solve a case and this should not be his priority. After hearing this, Rampo started crying. 


Mysterious Guy AKA Fyodor Dostoevsky

The following day, as Rampo and Fukuzawa were reading a newspaper, a mysterious guy appeared on the roof of the building and whispered that “It’s not V, it’s Five”. The episode ended with this!!

My Opinion

Other ARTISTIC MASTERPIECE in my opinion. This episode was a 10/10 without any doubt. The way Fukuzawa slapped Rampo was kinda satisfying as he was getting a bet cocky with his ability. 

However, there is not doubt that Rampo’s ability is the real thing. The fact that he can solve any case without any special ability is just CRAZY!!! We alo witnessed that Fukuzawa is a great fighter. His reflexes are awesome. 

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