Chainsaw Man Voice Actor Leaves Project Due To Toxicity

Chainsaw Man Voice Actor Leaves Project Due To Toxicity

January 15, 2023

The fact that fans of dubbing are so passionate is manual, I personally think that this has its good part and its bad part, unfortunately Today we have to comment on the bad part. The people involved in localizing our favorite anime very often receive criticism when their favorite series is not as they wanted, this made an actor of Brazil step aside and will leave a great project as Chainsaw Man.

We talk about Guilherme Briggsa veteran actor with more than 30 years in the middle, in Brazil he is recognized for playing characters like Buzz Lightyear, Optimus Prime, Jack in Samurai Jacks or Josehep Joestar in Jojo’s. The professional had his role in Chainsaw Man as the Demon of the Future and was recently the victim of harassment and threats from fans because they were not happy with the translation of a dialogue.

Users expected that the official dubbing would use a very famous phrase in the community thanks to unofficial translations of the manga, however, this did not happen, the aforementioned phrase was not said and this generated the anger of the most extreme fans. Through his twitter, the actor commented on what we all know, translations made by fans are not used for official products, however, this explanation did not quench the anger of the community.

Guilherme Briggs received destructive criticism and even death threats from the premiere of the chapterfact that made him put his accounts in private since he fears losing them because, like cherry on the cake, He was also the victim of a hacking attempt.. The actor has already reported that he will leave the project.

This is not far from happening in our community, I remind you of the harassment and threats that the teacher Arturo Castañeda received a few years ago from One Piece fans when the series premiered on Netflix, so please the entire community We ask you for serenity when giving your opinion or sending your comments directly to the actors, actresses or directors.

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