Fullmetal Alchemist Play Reveals Visuals For Roy and More! | Event News

Fullmetal Alchemist Play Reveals Visuals For Roy and More! | Event News

November 12, 2022

Fullmetal Alchemist’s stage play has revealed visuals for seven characters, including Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye!

Jin Aoki as Roy Mustang
Takuma Wada as Roy Mustang
Minami Tsukui as Riza Hawkeye
Metal Yoshida as Alex Louis Armstrong
Yuki Kimisawa as Jean Havoc
Yuki Okamoto as Maes Hughes
Shuto Mashima as Alphonse Elric

Sachiko Ishimaru is credited with the script and direction. Yohei Isshiki and Ryota Hirano have been double cast as Edward Elric, while Shuto Mashima will play Alphonse Elric.

Yohei Isshiki as Edward Elric
Ryota Hirano as Edward Elric
Shuto Mashima as Alphonse Elric

Fullmetal Alchemist began in 2001 as a manga series by Hiromu Arakawa, going on to sell over 80 million volumes worldwide. It was also adapted into popular TV anime series and anime films.

The story follows alchemist brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric, who lose their mother and parts of their bodies to a failed alchemy attempt. After this, they set out to restore themselves by finding the legendary Philosopher’s Stone.

The franchise includes multiple anime series, anime and live action films, video games, and more. However, this is its first ever stage adaptation.

Fullmetal Alchemist’s stage play adaptation will run at Osaka’s Shin-Kabukiza theater from March 8 to 12 and at Tokyo’s Nippon Seinen-kan Hall from March 17 to 26, 2022.

©Hiromu Arakawa/SQUARE ENIX, Fullmetal Alchemist Stage Play Production Committee
Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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