“Ippon” again! Episode 2 Review

“Ippon” again! Episode 2 Review

January 21, 2023

The second episode of Mou Ippon goes into better detail on Hiura’s reasons for enrolling in Michi’s school, touching on some relatable subjects

The story thus far

Sanae and Michi

The protagonist of “Ippon” again! is Michi, a judo competitor, who quits the sport after losing in the final round due to a lack of time from high school activities and exams.

She meets a new classmate Hiura Towa, who defeated her in the final match, and finds out that Towa wants to start a judo club at their school. Michi and Towa join forces to form the club and continue their passion for judo together.


This is why Hiura went to Michi’s school

The motivations for Hiura’s choice to enroll in Michi’s school are discussed in more detail in “Mou Ippon’s” second episode. Flashbacks from earlier in the episode show Michi persuading her childhood friend Sanae to join the Judo club.

Her parents are reluctant to grant their approval since they are worried about her academic performance.

Michi’s efforts for the Judo club

Sanae and Michi training

As the episode goes on, we see Hiura trying to speak to Michi but finding it difficult owing to her social anxiety and introverted personality.

It is revealed that Hiura joined Michi at their new school after watching the popular video of Michi collapsing during a game. Hiura eventually joins the Judo club in spite of her initial resistance when Michi’s efforts lead to its successful revival.

Asian-American parenting

Hiura Towa shy to tell Michi the reason why she entered Judo club

The episode also addresses the subject of Asian-American parenting and the stress placed on children to perform well in school. It also examines the relationships between Michi, Hiura, and Sanae as well as their affinities for Judo.

The revival of the club and Michi’s assurance to Hiura that she shouldn’t be concerned about the viral video mark the episode’s happy conclusion.


Hiura and the others are ready for training

Overall, the episode is entertaining to watch because it sheds more light on the characters and their motivations, making them more relatable and complex. It gives the audience a better understanding of their motivations and emotions, adding depth to the story and making it more engaging.

The episode also includes themes and issues that are relevant and thought-provoking, and has a good balance of dramatic and comedic moments, making it enjoyable to watch.

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