JOEN, the new anime company by studios and distributors

JOEN, the new anime company by studios and distributors

May 31, 2022

More alliances are born within the anime industry, and the most recent is made up of distributors Sony, aniplex, Shueisha together with animation studios CloverWorks Y Wit Studio. Yesterday, the companies announced the creation of a new company whose main objective is to bring to light the planning and production of upcoming anime series, movies, and shorts. This company will be known by the name of “JOEN

This new company will provide the founding animation studios of this new company with a stronger business model, which will allow a more effective distribution for the profits they will receive between the staff, the creators and those involved in both animation studios.

As a curiosity, one of the main motivations to bring to light the creation of this new company was the recent collaboration between Wit Studio With CloverWorks behind the anime production process”Spy x Family“. This collaboration would be a kind of experiment to give rise to this new project.

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