JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures: Stone Ocean Part 3 Episode 29 Review

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures: Stone Ocean Part 3 Episode 29 Review

January 21, 2023

Jolyne’s attempt to escape

At the start of the episode, Weather Report and Anasui already arrived at the hospital. Weather sensed that there was a hole inside with three people in it; Jolyne, Hermes, and Versus. As such, the camera to Jolyne and Hermes trying to escape from the airplane with only two minutes until the definite crash.

However, Jolyne thought of something that will help them defeat Versus by using the flow of the air pressure to lunge an attack against Versus. Upon reaching her fist toward Versus, the attack was stopped by Underworld by using its ability to follow another horrible accident that happened before. Jolyne caught herself inside a jet fighter plane before landing an attack on Versus. Fortunately for Jolyne, she successfully captured a radio from a police officer investigating the hole and called Emporio for some backup.

Versus’s horrible past

With that happened, Versus showed his resolve to Pucci and Jolyne. However, he is upset and mad about Pucci standing there questioning his methods to defeat the heroes. As such, the episode shown the past of Versus of how he survived around the society. When he was just a child, he has no recollection of his father, nor his whereabouts. His mother married to another man but he still being mistreated with his new family. Because of that, he wanders around to avoid trouble.

However, an unfaithful thing happened to him when a pair of new shoes suddenly fell off out of the sky. With no idea who is the owner of the shoes, he automatically picked it up and tried it on. But a police vehicle stopped by and assumed that Versus stole the brand-new shoes and sent him on trial for theft. Unfortunately for Versus, the shoes had a sign on it by a famous baseball player and it was donated to children with disabilities. Versus told the truth to the judge but she did not bought it, and decided to put Versus in juvenile detention.

Four months later, Versus was proven innocent, but he was already hurt, physically and mentally. And that unfaithful day, a series of unfortunate events happened to him. Because of that, he decided to hid himself from society and started to live a tiresome life.

Versus’s retaliation to everything

Because of his horrible past, he believed that is the reason why he was alive in this world. With Dio’s blood flowing through his veins, he realized that he, with the help of his ability can also attain heaven and not Father Pucci. He questions Father Pucci about “what’s so special about him”. While contemplating his purpose, he accidentally acquired the memory disc of Weather Report from Pucci’s body without knowing. Thinking what good use will the disc will give and can it possibly help him to reach heaven too.

Jolyne’s quick response action


Emporio answered Jolyne’s call on the radio to ask for his help to stop another memory of the past to avoid its tragedy. With the help of Emporio’s quick thinking, he told Jolyne to crash the jet into the airplane since it was recorded that the jet will explode upon landing. She nicked it at the last second and successfully nailed the landing, but the aircraft will eventually crashed after the countdown, no matter what happened.

Using Emporio’s ghost computer, he managed to get more information about the Flight 2882 crash from six years ago and found out that two passengers survived the crash. Emporio told Jolyne and Hermes to look for seat numbers 51D and 51F. Jolyne and Hermes rush to the seat numbers while Underworld tries to stop them. However, Versus did a mischievous act by dropping a bunch of young patients on the airplane to stop them from sitting on the chairs. Versus’s psychological attack was a success, but briefly. Underworld continues to drop another two young patients at the seat.

Versus’s attack was to make Jolyne guilty by saving herself instead of the young patients that will soon die if Jolyne thinks selfish Jolyne was terrified by it. Suddenly, the explosion occurred. Versus celebrated as he finally defeated Jolyne, and so he thought.

Jolyne’s and Hermes remains victorious

heavy weathe

After the explosion, the body of the old man that survived the crash is walking through the smoke. Father Pucci realizes that a sticker of Hermes was on the old man’s cheek. Hermes uses her stickers to make a copy of the survivors and kept the children inside their bodies. Hermes survived also the crash as she lodged herself between the copies of the survivor. As such, Jolyne unraveled her body into strings she can so she can hide inside Hermes’s. With that, Jolyne beat the hell out of Versus.

However, Versus has another trick up on his sleeve. Using the memory disc that he nicked from Father Pucci, he successfully inserted the disc into Weather Report, casting heavy clouds and rainbows throughout the vicinity. The camera pans to Anasui as he is asking Weather if they should get inside but something is happening to Weather. With the disc inserted inside, Versus revived the demon inside Weather, becoming his old self again which Pucci was afraid with. As such, because of that, Heavy Weather is finally reawakened. Did you enjoy this article? We have articles that might interest you, such as Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty trailer shares compelling story, Kancolle: Itsuka Ano Umi de Episode 06 Review, and Trails of Cold Steel: Northern War Episode 3 Review.

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