Legend of the Heroes: Trails in the Sky OVA Dubbing Coming to Anime Onegai

Legend of the Heroes: Trails in the Sky OVA Dubbing Coming to Anime Onegai

June 24, 2022

There are more and more! The family of Anime Onegai has brought us the news of a new member for its catalog, this time it is the Latin dubbing of the OVA Legend of the Heroes: Trails in the Sky (Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki The Animation)which will arrive at onegai channel the next Sunday June 26 and the platform will arrive next Monday June 27 the news was as usual announced during his usual live of “little gossip” of Thursdays.

Thus, said dubbing comes under the direction of the talented David Allende and among the cast that is in charge of giving life to the characters we find the voices of:

  • Hector Mina.
  • Michael de Leon.
  • Carlos Hernandez.
  • Saints Albert.
  • Montse Aguilar.
  • Wendy Malvarez.
  • louis navarro.
  • Gabriel Ortiz.
  • Hugo Navarrete.
  • Desiree Gonzalez.

That said, it should be noted that OVA was produced by the studios Kinema Citrusunder the direction of Masaki Tachibanawith dashes of shangjiang zhouchengcharacter design Atsuko Nozaki and music from Yukihiro Jindou. Also, it should be noted that this was issued from the October 10, 2011 to the January 28, 2012.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that this is already available on the platform in Japanese subtitled format with a total of 2 episodes.

Legend of the Heroes: Trails in the Sky:

Ten years ago, a massive invasion from the Erebonian Empire nearly shattered the Kingdom of Liberl, cutting through the heart of the Capital City before being repulsed by a determined counteroffensive led by Cassius Bright. Now, as invaders prowl behind the northern borders, coveting the small kingdom’s magic and high technology, Liberl slowly rebuilds itself with the help of the Braceros’ Guild, whose mystical use of “Craft” is even more intrinsic to the defense of the nation than his own army.

For young Estelle Bright, daughter of Cassius, all of this is nothing more than ancient history that she and her foster brother Joshua learned as children. But history has a way of repeating itself, and as they prepare to join the Bracers Guild, sinister forces prepare to thrust them into the familiar situation of being in the worst possible place when chaos erupts. Because when her father’s airship suddenly disappears, it’s only fitting that two green but extraordinarily capable young teenagers embark on their own rescue mission.

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