Sword Art Online -Progressive- sequel reveals release date and new poster

Sword Art Online -Progressive- sequel reveals release date and new poster

June 16, 2022

The time has come for Crunchyroll to light the fireworks, since it has finally announced the release of the first image, and especially the release date of the mlong awaited second movie of Sword Art Online The Movie -Progressive-.

The premiere of the appointment will be on September 10 in theaters in Japan and we can see Asuna, Kirito, and Argo hanging out together, along with the movie’s catchphrase: “If it’s with you…”. It was also announced that a special program with a countdown to the franchise’s 10th anniversary will air at midnight on July 2 in Japan (listed as 24:00 on July 1), which will also feature new information about the film.

The main crew from the first film will return for the sequel, titled “Scherzo of Deep Night” under animation studio A-1 Pictures. Directing will once again be in the hands of Ayako Kono, with Kento Toya serving as character designer and chief animation director. Yasuyuki Kai is handling action direction and monster design, and Yuki Kajiura is returning to do the music.

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Haruka Tomatsu will return to play Kirito and Asuna, now joined by Shiori Izawa as Ardo “The Rat”, an informant in the world of SAO.

Sword Art Online -Progressive-, is a remake of the Aincrad arc, originally published by Reki Kawahara in 2012 and now spanning eight volumes, with each volume dedicated to a single story from the original Sword Art Online game. Aria of a Starless Night covers the beginning of the story from the 1st floor, while Scherzo of Deep Night is the title of the fourth volume, which means that we will jump to the 5th floor of Sword Art Online when the film opens in Japan.

This is the story synopsis for that volume:

Only two months have passed since they were trapped in the game of death that is Sword Art Online, and Kirito and Asuna continue their fight on the forefront to progress through the game. The fifth floor of Aincrad is a labyrinthine ruin, and the two dare to enjoy raiding it for the treasures it contains. Returning to the fourth floor, it’s time to do some quests in the name of the Lord of the Elves Yofilis, but here begins Asuna’s discontent, since doing so they will have to face her least favorite monster…

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