The Adulthood Friends manga confirmed its live action adaptation

The Adulthood Friends manga confirmed its live action adaptation

October 24, 2022

Toei confirmed the production of a live action adaptation for Aya Nakahara’s manga, Otonanajimi (Adulthood Friends), will be in movie format and will star male idol group member HiHi Jets, Mizuki Inouewho will give life to Haru Aoyama.

Another cast member will be Rinka Kumadawho will give life to Kaede Kagaya. It will have its premiere on May 12, 2023 and will be directed by Hiroto Takahashi. The photo below recreates the cover of the first volume of the original work.

Adulthood Friends

Nakahara published Adulthood Friends for the first time in the magazine cocoanabelonging to Shueishain March 2019 and ended it in October 2021. The manga’s eighth and final compiled volume went on sale in December 2021.

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What is Adulthood Friends about?

The romantic comedy story centers on childhood friends Kaede Kagaya and Haru Aoyama. Since they were four years old, Haru has been helping Kaede, and Kaede has secretly had a crush on Haru. Two decades later, thanks to a different girl making a pass at Haru and the input of a childhood friend named Iori, things might finally start moving in a romantic direction for Kaede and Haru.

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