The HiDive streaming platform leaves Latin American countries

The HiDive streaming platform leaves Latin American countries

May 26, 2022

Sentai Filmworks announced today, through emails to subscribers belonging to its HiDive streaming platform, that its services will stop providing their services in the Latin American region as of of May 31.

Different users have made the statement public as well as expressing their opinion

The main objective of this service was to emulate the same success achieved in the United States. Due to what was written in the statement by the management team of sentaiits exclusive platform failed to achieve the desired profits due to the almost lack of titles available in Spanish and Portuguese, together with a subscription that was only in dollars, and the availability of content distributed in a somewhat chaotic manner.

Despite this completion, several anime that were available in the catalog were without translation, but streaming had recently begun to invest in the Latin market with the recent part 6 of Lupine the Thirdwith its dubbing made in Argentina, which has not yet finished on the platform, although it was communicated thanks to various external sources that this title would be landing with its simultaneous dubbing in hbo max.

Finally, we must not forget that various titles under the international license of sentaihave been removed in recent weeks from other platforms such as Netflix Y Crunchyroll, which were recently forced to pull more than 30 titles, moving to their latest streaming service. As well as the recent acquisition by AMCwhich bought the total control of the distributor as well as of HiDive.

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