Trigun Stampede Episode 3 Review

Trigun Stampede Episode 3 Review

January 21, 2023

Weather Forecast and Chaos

On the radio, there is an announcement about the weather forecast, with a warning for the people of the cities affected to evacuate them. 

Meanwhile, the town where Vash, Roberto, and Meryl are already in chaos due to an explosion caused by Lost Technology that got attached to Gofsef. Outside of the Inn, more Lost Technology shows up and starts crawling up people, and as much as Vash tries to take them off before they explode, he can’t. Roberto thinks that it’s E.G. Bomb’s work. 

E.G. Bomb

E.G. Bomb’s (now with the new nickname E.G. Mine) real name is Ethan Gilbert Hamilton, a bomb criminal who can kill hundreds with ease. He is the only one who can get the bombs out of them, so Vash makes it a goal to find him. It isn’t hard, as Vash spots him immediately on top of a building, but when they start chasing him, they find out the town is covered in landmines. 

Red Button

E.G wants the PLANT as well and makes the run for it in a wheel machine, with Vash following after him. Some of the people that got the Lost Technology attached to them have it turning red, meaning that it will explode soon.

E.G. makes it to the PLANT faster than Vash and attaches it to his machine, getting away with Vash hanging on to the PLANT. He throws them both off the building and when he tries to kill Vash, Roberto and Meryl attack him and demand he tells them how to get the Lost Technology out of them, or he will die with them when it explodes. As the red lights on the Lost Technology start blinking, he tells Vash to press the red button on his waist, stopping the bombs. 


Now that they don’t have to worry about the bombs, they have to worry about the huge sandstorm that has already infiltrated the town. E.G. runs away and enters a Diner, where at a piano sits who he calls his Master. Within seconds, E.G. loses his arms.

The name of his Master is revealed – Knives Millions. Vash, who followed E.G. has his reunion with his brother and asks if he is after the PLANT as well, which used to be theirs. 

With a single touch, Knives takes Vash to another place mentally, where he is a kid again, and leaves the Diner. 

Million Knives

Knives makes his way to the red PLANT, while people who are working with him on big Robots make their way to the blue PLANT. And even if Vash tries to shoot him, his suit doesn’t let the bullets hit him, making him almost indestructible. 

Noticing the power his brother has, and the destruction he will cause to the town, Vash helps Rosa leave, letting Knives get away. 


In a destructed town, among the dead, there are many wounded, including Tonis, a kid that Meryl and Robert tried to save. Knives took everything from them, the PLANT, the lives, and the town. Rosa is devastated while holding Tonis in her arms, and upon finding out that Knives is Vash’s brother, she doesn’t want to see him again, even if he has helped her and her town before, she still blames him for the destruction that happened.

No Right To Cry

Meryl goes after Vash, who is releasing bugs into the wild, and seeing that he still smiles, she asks him how he can do that after what Rosa told him. Vash believes that he doesn’t have the right to cry, and he heads East to go after Knives.

What a sad episode! It seems that no matter how much Vash helps people, he will always carry the blame because of his twin brother.  Will Vash still try to recover the PLANTs for Rosa’s town, or will he just be out for revenge against his brother? Check out our other news at LAN. We cover everything anime and game related, always doing our best to bring you the latest news and episode reviews! Today our recommendations are The Fruit of Evolution: Before I knew It, My Life Had It Made Season 2 Episode 2 Review, Trails of Cold Steel: Northern War Episode 3 Review, and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty trailer shares compelling story.

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